Saturday, March 31, 2012

our little brainiac

This is Max. When he is home, he is most often found doing homework and studying, or practicing the cello or piano. He seriously does little else. (In this photo, he is talking to a classmate, walking through chemistry problems together. It sounded to me like he was speaking another language.)

At times, I wish he had a little more balance in his life. More time for social activities, or relaxing, or whatever. But I guess he must like it this way, because he keeps his school chock full of difficult classes.

Recently, he has had two big pay-offs to all of his hard work:

1. He got a 34 on the ACT! (33 the first time, 34 the second, thus fulfilling the dream he had where he got a 34.)

2. He was selected to play as a guest youth artist with the Utah Symphony! Another dream come true, and a rare opportunity, especially for juniors.

I am so happy for him, and so proud.
It's pretty cool being surpassed by your children!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Wonderful news on both accounts. I often think of you all in France and think of Max including Lucas and Eva in the things he did. On top of high academic and musical talents, he's also got that of being a great son and brother. What a combo. What a perfect combo.

Charlotte said...

You should be proud! Max is one amazing kid! PS I hated chemistry. said...

May I just say that every Grandma thinks her baby's blackest?! (Okay, a variation on the real quote...).

Wow! I'm so proud, but I'm not the least bit surprised! Brainiac for sure.

This boy is going places.

I love you, Max. Good work. You're the best at it all. Really.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Wow! He seems like such an awesome kid! Congrats to you for being a great mom!

Jill said...

I'm so glad all his hard work is paying off so well!!

patsy said...

GREAT JOB- this is amazing!!!
It's nice to see his dreams are coming true & he is doing well with what he loves. happiness.

I would love to see him play at the Utah Symphony- amazing experience.

where does he want to go to college?

Diane said...

Wow! Please give him my congratulations on both counts! That is so exciting!

Fred/dad said...

Congratulations to Max! The SAT score is amazing! How does anyone score a 34 on the SAT? Only a brainiac... And so musically talented as well.... I share your pride.

Ande said...

Hi Michelle!

My mom (Neighbor Jane) said you would like my naan recipe. Here she be!

I used olive oil all around because it's what was easiest.

Just in case you want these too:
Mint Cilantro Chutney:

And Mango Chutney:

(I don't put the onion in (because I didn't have it the first time and it tasted fine)...and I use cumin powder (and sometimes powdered ginger) because it's also easier.)

Hope you enjoy!

Also, that's one heck of a kid! Nice work! I enjoy your blog so much. Just thought you should know :)

Natasha said...


As a mom you should be incredibly proud. You have definitely done someting right!!

Melinda said...

Wow! This is really exciting! Well done Max!

Tasha said...

Well, he has amazing parents!

Barb said...

That's awesome!

Denise said...

Congratulations to Max!! That is fantastic news for sure, and--even though Grandma said "You can't take credit for the good and you don't take the blame for the bad" (in raising children), it sure makes you feel proud, just the same.

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