Wednesday, March 14, 2012

12 on the 12th | March

1. Daylight Savings did a number on us all. No one could wake up, and I had to drive both boys to school. (Max usually takes the bus and Lucas walks.)
2. A slice of homemade multigrain bread with smashed avocado and salt. One of my favorite things.
3. By the time all of my kids are finally off to school, I'm exhausted and need to recover for awhile. What's up with that?
4. I put the finishing touches on my weekend painting project!
5. It was an amazingly beautiful day—sunny and 65 degrees.
6. I wanted to go for a walk, but had to wear my cyborg knee brace because the last time I went for a walk my knee hurt so much I had to come home. (It was better, but I'm going back to the pain clinic.)
7. Polly Pocket carnage. Or, as Marc and Eva dubbed them, "Creepy Pockets."
8. Leftover cake is my favorite kind of leftovers. In this case, toffee bundt cake with caramel topping.
9. Jill came over for Creative Friday and we ended up working on our assignment for book club (reading and journaling about chapter 1 of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life). And talking a lot. Duh.
10. Lucas and Landon finally had some time together now that Lucas's play is finished!
11. Marc gets a great reception when he gets home (not pictured: Jack cavorting at his feet).
12. I finished my study at night.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I do love these peeks into your life.

I KNEW we were kindred spirits, that avocado on multi-grain bread looks so very, very, very good.

Oh darn. I wish your knee didn't still give you problems.

Yes...yes...creepy pockets seems apt. said...

A very productive day, I would say.

Is that Grandma's cake that we massacred at her funeral?! I have never tried it again.

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