Saturday, February 25, 2012

tubing at Soldier Hollow

Marc's parents took us tubing at Soldier Hollow on Monday.

Eva and I were together most of the day. The first time we went down, she yelled, "This is the most fun of my entire life!" I love that she is still wearing her size 3 snowsuit (it's just a bit short)/

Eva tagged along with Max and Nicole a time or two. It was such a warm, sunny day that we all started shedding our hats, gloves, and scarves.

I was teasing Max about using a tiny tube, and Eva said, "Well, he does have a really small bottom." Which is true.

Lucas was being a crazy man, dragging his head in the snow, and generally getting as wet and snowy as possible.

After a run like that, he was completely covered in a fine mist of shimmering snow. I tried to capture it, but it didn't translate. Suffice it to say that now we have more fodder for teasing him about being told he looks like Edward from Twilight.

A view while going up the hill.

This is the mechanism that pulls everyone up the hill. I just thought it looked cool.

Eva gave the hair-dragging a try.

Apparently I didn't get any pictures of Michelle, Kristen, or Bob and Mim! Good grief.

After our two hours of tubing were up, we went for a late lunch to the Spin Cafe (where we have gone after tubing a couple of times before). They have great sandwiches, salads, onion rings, and gelato for dessert.

This is a picture from our post-tubing lunch last year.

1. Lucas is wearing the same sweater!
2. He looks like a completely different boy. What a difference a year makes.

Thanks to Bob and Mim, our holiday really felt like a holiday! (Except that Marc had to work.)


Jill said...

It's so fun that you guys get to do this every year!! Was it weird to have it feel a bit like winter?

Lucas looks so huge in these pictures that I was totally freaked out by the last one. I was thinking that was the end of the day until you said it was last year. Good grief he's a man now!!

patsy said...

What a great tradition.
I have to admit... I hate sledding/skiing/tubing... I think it's my northwest upbringing. I'm just not used to snow or snow activities. Cold = misery.
It's great to have a family who is active in it all. I feel like here in Utah I am depriving my children of the "greatest snow on earth!"

YES Lucas??? what?
and the hair dragging-- fun times

jenn said...

If I liked being around my kids more, this would be so fun. Maybe if I enlisted help.

Thanks for my valentine friend! Eva's tulips have me wishing I'd let Kelly buy me flowers for Valentine's- they are so happy!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What causes your headaches? I usually suffer through and then think, "I should figure these out."

I learn a lot about grandparenting from Bob and Mim. Thanks for teaching me.

I can't believe Lucas either. My goodness. I should have guessed. I mean he lets you take pictures now so I should have guessed he was growing.

Tasha said...

That looks super fun! I'm sorry about your headaches, I can relate. I've had one since Thursday and I'm about to scream...

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