Wednesday, January 04, 2012

a new tradition is born

Jill and I had planned to squeeze in another Creative Friday before school started, but kid sickness thwarted our plans (namely Lucas). We kept thinking that we had more chances, but he was sick for 6 days, so we really didn't.

It was almost a crushing blow, but Jill quickly schemed up a new plan: a yadies' yunch (ladies' lunch). Even Eva, who had been waiting with bated breath to play with Whitney, immediately said, "Great!"

We met at Los Hermanos.

Whitney got a Los Hermanos shirt for Christmas, which apparently entitled you to a free fancy drink. (Who knew?)

Since Whitney was getting one, I let Eva choose a fancy drink as well, and she selected the strawberry daiquiri. Although she had some ambrosial moments with it at first, she eventually decided it wasn't her favorite. What the? I thought it was delicious.

She must have applied about 10 coats of her favorite lipgloss while we waited for our food. No joke. (Also sporting her new CTR ring.)

What am I going to do with this girl? She is by turns exasperating and exhilarating to me.

Our table was delightfully covered in gifts!

Whitney picked out several horses for Eva (her newest obsession).

We gave Whitney a series of books (The World According to Humphrey) about a hamster who is a classroom pet, in hopes that it will convince her that reading is the best thing ever. Or at least tolerable. (No pressure.)

I gave Jill some new shirts since she is always wondering what to wear to work. I was so concerned that they wouldn't fit her style that I bought some backup gifts. She says they are unnecessary, but you never know... (FYI: Doubting a gift after I purchase it is one of my idiosyncrasies.)

Jill gave me several things from my Amazon wishlist: a scripture study journal, gel pens for my scripture study, a book, and 15 sets of double-pointed knitting needles! (That's 75 needles!) A motherlode, for sure.

The girls finished eating before we did, and Eva was positively dying to play with Whitney, so Jill coerced her into taking Eva outside for a few minutes. (We have been having such mild weather, it's crazy!)

A few minutes turned into 45, while we leisurely ate and discussed our goals for the new year. It totally felt like we were getting away with something.

A good time was had by all (with the possible exception of Whitney) and I think a new tradition was born! It was a very nice way to spend the last day of Christmas vacation.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I think the lip application is funny to see in the background as well as the foreground. I also thought the new CTR ring was so sweet.

You always looks so calm and collected and serene. Did you know that? You do.

I really appreciate your book reviews. I have used them to pick a couple of reads and really appreciated them. Thank you.

Tasha said...

Well I would have finished Eva's drink for her! Those are just heaven! I must start an amazon wish list! Now that they carry everything on EARTH its silly not to! So glad you had your yadies yunch. So glad Jill uses that term. It makes me miss my solo days with my little Evie.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Michelle!

Tasha said...

I left you another comment way down on Christmas Eve- make sure to read it-k..

Jill said...

It was only a week ago but I'm feeling nostalgic about this outing! Isn't that funny. It was so serendipitous but was so fun and such a great tradition. I found myself thinking how fortunate Eva and Whitney are that we let them come (ha) and that we're showing them how to be a good friend!

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