Friday, January 20, 2012


Eva came up with a new game—running her very own salon/spa (I'm usually her only customer).

It has decor, open and closed signs, and even a paper bell that I have to ring when I enter.

The services she provides are: scalp massages (a work in progress), hairstyles, nail painting, hand or foot lotion application, and warm water foot or hand soaks.

I let her paint my nails one day. It turned out better than anticipated! I actually left them that way for a few days, and she was thrilled.

Usually I have her give me a scalp massage and put lotion on my hands, but one day I let her talk me into a warm foot soak. It felt divine, and made me wonder why I hadn't succumbed to that treatment earlier.

(A game where she waits on me, and I get to sit and soak my feet? This is one I can definitely get behind.)

She totally gets into her role as salon owner or spa employee, and has a pretend cash register and card swiper.

And at closing time, she treats herself to some pampering as well.


linda said...

I totally love that she pampers herself at the end of her work day! Love it, love it!

It's nice to see that she is dressed professional work attire, as well. Something many int he adult workforce could take note of!

Miranda said...

Dude. Now THIS is the kind of pretend I can get behind! Our current pretend is "Sleeping Beauty" which is basically running up and down the stairs acting out the movie. I don't have a speaking part in this game. I just follow Z around. Compared to a warm foot soak it is quite lame.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Your very own entrepreneur! What a great business for her to operate in your living room! (It beats dog grooming.)

Tasha said...

That's darling! Now if I could get my kids to soak my feet instead of always wanting me to paint THEIR nails!

Jill said...

I love it that she's finally playing a game where you can relax and benefit!!

patsy said...

if I lived closer I would pay her & be her first real customer!!

Man... why did my kids grow up so darn fast? Chloe used to do this too-- not to the same extent- but still. miss it

what a doll!

Melinda said...

Livy does this kind of thing also and I really enjoy it. She always wants to do my hair and try new things and I'm in heaven.

Kim Sue said...

what a cutie!

Rachelle said...

Well, that's just adorable! :)

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