Saturday, December 24, 2011

the lights at Temple Square

On Thursday night, we had a Christmas dinner with Marc's family (they are in Hawaii now). After dinner and exchanging gifts, while Marc set up the new Roku box we gave his parents, Max and Eva and I walked down to Temple Square.

I love this walk down the hill!

It just puts you in a good mood.

I love this view. (Marc's parents only live about a block up from Temple Square.)

This was Eva's excited reaction over the horse and carriage rides. When I told her that Marc and I had one of those at our wedding reception, she was speechless.

Max is excited about taking pictures as I am. (Sadly, both of our camera batteries died shortly after we got there!)

While Max and I scoped out photo ops, Eva contented herself with walking on low walls everywhere we went. She was jumping and leaping and running without stop. Oh, to have that much energy.

I love the luminaries.

The different languages, various fonts, the lights, it's just happy.

Eva particularly liked the dove. Me, too.

How do they make these??

We went into Assembly Hall and listened to a choir from a local high school. They were really good! Max and I would have stayed longer, but Eva was tired of indulging "the music lovers." When I pointed out that she is a music lover as well, she was offended and said that she is an animal lover. What the? This from the girl who is always singing and making up songs?

It's really cold and it's really crowded, but it's also really beautiful. I love Temple Square at Christmas.

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Jill said...

I'm so bummed we haven't gone yet this year (or last)! Landon got to go with the youth the other night, but how does that help me? It's cool you can walk from Bob and Mim's house.

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