Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas day

(Eva drew some Christmas pictures on the calendar.)

We went to sacrament meeting at 9:00 and it was sad and beautiful. Beautiful because our choir did their musical presentation and there was a lot of congregational singing of carols, which I enjoy. Sad because it was our last Sunday in the ward that we have loved so much. They did a group release, where everyone who is changing wards and has a calling stood at the same time. For some reason, I hated standing and looking around at all of the others who would be leaving the ward. Also, we found out that we will now be attending church in a different building, which somehow seems like an additional blow—nothing familiar at all. And there were many tearful goodbyes, so I came home from church feeling super emotional and drained.

I made a quick breakfast of sticky bun breakfast ring and homemade hot chocolate. Everyone got into comfy clothes and went through their stockings before we opened gifts. I love it when we can spread things out and it's not all over with so quickly! We didn't even start opening presents until almost noon.

Jack got the biggest bone in the world. He was super-interested in it at first, and then he proceeded to be afraid of it for the rest of the day. (He has since come around and treated us to some gory bone-crunching noises.) What a crazy dog.

We had to remind Eva of our rule of taking turns, and opening one present at a time, so we can all see the gifts and the reactions.

One of her gifts from Grandma Susan and Grandpa Fred: the fanciest horse in the world with a fairy rider. Also a sparkly unicorn. She was instantly in love.

Max and Lucas got the softest blankets in the world (from Costco). Marc and I are both a little bit envious.

Jessie made more of her genius personalized t-shirts. Eva loved her horse shirt so much, she immediately put it on and did a fashion show. It was literally a showstopper.

Max's haul: cozy blanket, shirts, a sweater, headphones (his are forever dying), scarves, socks, a tie, classical CD sets, and money to get his cello bow re-haired. Also some fancy teas from Teavana.

Lucas got new shoes, a robe, snow pants and long underwear for Scout campouts, Harry Potter movies, books, headphones, and the new Zelda video game.

Eva working on the paleontology kit that Grandma Susan sent. "Hours of fun!" the package promises. It may just cure her of her career plans.

She got many horses—stuffed, fancy, plain, and all different breeds, Barbie movies, The Lion King, a horse coloring book, Littlest Pet Shops, and so many cute clothes.

(An aside: on Christmas Eve, she contemplated writing Santa a note to tell him that he didn't need to stop by our house. We already had plenty of presents. But she was still happy to get a stocking. And twice, she slipped up and asked me where I got some of the items in her stocking. She is wavering in her Santa belief.)

Christmas generates so much trash! And unfortunately, we missed our garbage pick up this week — the worst possible week for that to happen...

Marc gave me a candy thermometer, a donut pan, a new wallet, a scripture case, and Elder Bednar's new book. Max gave me an iTunes gift card (my second one ever!). Lucas gave me a new small skillet (orange!) so I could finally throw away my old gross one. Eva made us an ornament at school. My parents sent me my dad's former phone so I can join the ranks of smartphone users! Also a pressure cooker, a scarf, a new beater blade for my KitchenAid, and ... new hardware for my kitchen cabinets!

Marc got a fancy camera strap, money to get Moo photo business cards made, two movies, slippers, cozy socks, a shirt and tie. Max gave him chocolate and an Amazon gift certificate. Lucas gave him a new snow scraper for his car.

I ignored this pile of boxes and took a two-hour nap! It was glorious. Then we ate leftovers from Christmas Eve. I love staying home on Christmas.


Natasha said...

Oh I wish Griffin would start wavering in his Santa beliefs! We are not sStarting the Santa business with Eliot and I wish we never had with my first two either. But Griffin still believes and I can't break his heart. I was purposely sloppy about it this year (purchasing stocking gifts while he was with me) but he's still hanging on.

Looks like a wonderful Christmas all around!

patsy said...


Love Christmas-
so sorry about your ward changes-- those are just so hard, no matter what.

Jill said...

The number of presents for Christmas at your house always catches me by surprise even though I know there will be many. You have generous families!

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