Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 on the 12th | December

1. The morning vitamins I put out for me and the kids.
2. A paper I pulled out of Eva's backpack — I love that she made up how to write her name in cursive (and then wrote an alternate version).
3. Catching up on my Words With Friends games.
4. Relaxing in front of the Christmas tree led to admiring the glittered stars I made out of cereal boxes. (Don't look at the backs!) I scored and bent them to make them 3D, and applied a combo of silver and gold glitter for more of a vintage look. I liked them so much, I made a bunch more for the rest of the tree.
5. An example of the literary ornaments I made from a cheap paperback of Sense and Sensibility from D.I. These make me happy.
6. This pile of books by the couch indicates that Max is home from school.
7. And then he can be found working on his homework for pretty much the rest of the day. He has a huge backlog of TV shows to watch during Christmas vacation!
8. Checking out a new recipe for pizza dough on one of the cooking blogs that I enjoy.
9. Jack, in a rare moment of holding still. Check out all that gray in his fur!
10. Max's tie, cast aside before dinner. (He likes to wear ties on Mondays.)
11. Potato, red onion, and goat cheese pizza. It was delicious.
12. Emily brought her serious boyfriend over for dinner, because "Olivier approval is crucial." Big thumbs up!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, oh, oh. I do love your 12 snippets.

patsy said...

serious boyfriend? He's cute!

I LOVE Words With FRiends!!!!

WE've gotta get hooked up on that.

Jill said...

Oh no, not a ward boundary change! It makes for emotional upheaval that's hard to recover from! I'm still smarting from ours and it has been a month.

I love your glittery stars!!!! I need to do that tout suite because the electric star we usually use won't stand up on our fake tree so the top of our tree is naked!

I love your literary ornaments. I want to see the rest of your tree, I can't imagine it without the birds and fruit.

I adore that picture of Emily and her hot boyfriend (oh those dimples!).

Claire said...

Isn't Johnny the best? I hope he gives Emily some kinda bling for Christmas.

Denise said...

Good grief! How fast does your ward grow, anyway?

I'm glad you got to meet Johnny--he's darling (inside and out) and we all love him. Mostly I'm glad that Emily gets to be home for Winter semester!!

Charlotte said...

I love this grid!

Oo, the glitter stars and literary ornaments. I love it all.

And I'm very glad that Johnny has the approval of the rest of the family--I get to meet him next week, and I'm very excited! That picture of the two of them is completely darling. said...

Love each photo...but I'm seriously scared that the 12th of 12 has come and gone and I still have a long list of frightening tasks ahead of me...oh, dee.

Emily and Johnny look so cute together. Can't wait to meet him myself. Dad suggested that he come to Philadelphia for some serious Sneelock training and Emily thought it to be a grand idea. Agreed!

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