Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creative Friday

Hooray for Thanksgiving break! We were finally able to get together for Creative Friday.

When Jill first arrived, I thought I was going to lose it. Max was playing piano (even though he knows he's supposed to quit when Jill is here), Eva was whining, and Marc was getting Lucas and Landon hyped up about the next generation of Wii (at one point, right behind us). Oh, and Jack was whining to go outside. Seriously.

Fortunately, things improved.

Jill had wicked cramps, so I set her up with some good pain relief. I speculated that her Advil is expired because they get sick so rarely in her family. Unsurprisingly, mine has a lot of turnover and is therefore very fresh!

I sent her home with a little stash so she could stay on top of the pain.

I started working on an ornament project I've been wanting to try (thank you, Pinterest!).

(Disturbing side note: while making these, I can see my reflection in the glass and I look like Jabba the Hut. I'm not even kidding.)

I find Jill's stash of colored envelopes to be so pleasing! This time, she got us both drinks (hers for medicinal purposes).

Marc offered her a piece of his birthday cake, a precious commodity.

Jill got right to work on her correspondence.

These envelopes are painfully cute! (I had a little thrill when I pulled one out of my own mailbox yesterday.)

At 5:00, her iPhone alarm went off, notifying us that it was Creative Friday. Funny.

She had such a stack of completed good mail items! (16, if I remember correctly.)

By the end of the day, Jill's hand was reduced to what she called "a hideous claw."

And I had made about 4 1/2 ornaments. (As usual, my project ended up taking much longer than I anticipated! Story of my life. I have 12 finished now, though, and on my tree!)

Lucas and Landon finished the day by eating peanut butter sandwiches while playing chess.

Good times for all. (Well, except Eva. She said that if Jill comes over again without bringing Whitney, she will be very angry. I fear she may not recover from the rejection from her "BFF.")


Jill said...

I checked the expiration date on my Ibuprofen and it had expired in July 2009! No wonder it wasn't working anymore. I'm happy to report that I bought new medicine at Costco today and will be good through 2014!

Jill said...

I'll make sure Whitney is available next time! I definitely don't want to anger Eva...yikes!

Charlotte said...

Jabba the Hut?? Oh heavens. I'm sure that comparison is exaggerated. The exasperation evident in that statement did make me chuckle a bit, however.

I'm so glad you got a Creative Friday with Jill! It sounds delightful.

I'm not surprised that Jill went to you with her medicinal needs--your medicine cabinet is a veritable pharmacy!

Anne said...

Oh, my goodness, that cake! I made it once, and despite it's horrible construction (I've never been very good at making even slices), it tasted incredible.

Those ornaments are darling!

patsy said...

Wow- on the ornaments! They are gorgeous!!

Hooray for a creative day. You were so smart to think of expired medicine- I would have never thought of that!

that birthday cake.. oh golly! one of these days I am going to make one!

Quelly said...

I am loving the look of those ornaments. I have some old clear ornaments that I was going to toss but I think I may 'repurpose' them the same way - did you find any tricks to making the process go more quickly?

Liz said...

Laughing over Eva's comment about getting very angry if Jill doesn't bring Whitney next time.

I think those ornaments are super cute! Should I attempt to make them?

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