Sunday, November 13, 2011

12 on the 12th | November

1. Snow was in the forecast, but fortunately it was just rainy and cold.
2. Cold enough to require fingerless gloves when I was painting in the garage!
3. My current batch of 5 cupboard doors received their polyurethane coat.
4. I kind of wish I had taken a "before" picture of this job. It took me 2.5 hours to sort through the piles of paperwork that had accumulated on the counter!
5. Jill had been texting me throughout the morning to give me updates on Landon. The poor guy had a bad fall at a campout — this email was notifying me that he broke his elbow! (They spent the day at InstaCare and at Primary Children's Hospital, and he ended up having surgery last night!)
6. Marc strongly suggested that I take a break from painting. (Apparently my painting frustration is making me difficult to be around?) I read for awhile and had a little nap. Glorious.
7. Then I resumed painting. I've been watching (listening to) The Sing-Off while I do my interior painting. I've always been an a cappella fan.
8. The last section of upper cabinets got their polyurethane coat! Whew.
9. Grandma and Grandpa brought Eva back from her ultimate grandparent date of going to Disney on Ice! They also bought her a light-up tiara and an Ariel necklace. Best day ever.
10. Lucas came back from our neighbors' house, where he had evidently helped them to make applesauce, and they sent a bottle for us. (Why does he never help with kitchen projects here?!) It was still warm and very delicious.
11. I went out to get some balloons and treats for Landon.
12. Lucas in his T-birds jacket. We've been seeing that jacket a lot around here! He went to Max's high school for a bonus performance of 3 of the songs from Grease.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Michelle, if you hate painting half as much as I do I feel great pangs of empathy for you. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. But I love, love, love the results. Hope your misery ends soon.

It's always fun to see a snapshot of your life through 12 on 12.

Poor Landon. A broken elbow sounds like a hit crazy bone times twelve. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very full day! A broken elbow? Awful. Poor Landon. Love the idea of the "ultimate grandparent date"!

Jill said...

I can't wait for you to be free of this Hellish painting job!

I hate it when I let the junk mail/bill stuff get out of control. It's so much easier to deal with it as it comes in yet I continually let it pile up!

It's was comforting to be able to text you all day.

I enjoy my Kindle, but I really miss knowing what the book actually looks like and what 7% read actually looks like.

Thanks for the treats and balloons!

Claire said...

I've been watching The Sing Off with the Woods! I think Vocal Point, Afro Blue and Pentatonix will make it to the top three. said...

I can't wait to see the final results of the kitchen!

The ultimate grandparent date sounds really fun for all.

Glad you took a little break and stepped back a bit. I would be like you and feel the need to just get it done....It's going to be wonderful. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Carry on and eat chocolate...a new sign we got in at my store!

TX Girl said...

how did y'all only get rain, but it was full on snowing in SLC? (I flew through SLC on my way home from Seattle and had a stop over at Hires)

I too would be completely frustrated with all that painting.

How much did they have to change the lyrics for kids to perform Grease?

patsy said...

Even your fingerless gloves are stylish. You amaze me.

Oh that paint job... that looks so hard, but is turning out gorgeous.

poor landon- ouch

wow- I always wanted to take my kids to disney on ice & never could afford it when they were little enough to enjoy it- maybe I can take my grandkids someday? Awesome!

Melinda said...

Blake and I love watching the sing off.

I have painted cabinets and it stinks big time.

We love grandparent dates around here. They don't really happen but they have once and the kids still talk about it.

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