Saturday, October 29, 2011

Creative Friday

Last Friday was our school district's Fall break, so Jill didn't have to work and we actually had Creative Friday on a Friday! (It's sad how rare they are these days, and I am always thrilled when Jill wants to spend her time off together.)

She brought Cafe Rio for lunch, always a treat. (I have been really struggling with my diet of late — not losing, and therefore not having much motivation to stay on it, which means it's even less likely for me to lose anything. sigh.)

Landon ate his lunch with us and added his apple to the line-up, which totally cracked me up.

This was the view from Jill's side.

Eva had been waiting for a friend to come over for a couple of hours and then got the devastating news that the friend wasn't feeling well and couldn't play after all. I didn't think she was going to recover.

Shockingly, she took me up on my idea of working on her report for school! She's always full of surprises.

Jill brought her laptop with her so she could work on some computer projects. It was a Creative Friday first!

Lucas and Landon played computer games for a little while, sitting on one chair. This shot shows the part of my cabinets that were finished at the time (it's slightly better now). Don't even ask me how that project is going. (From hell.)

I worked on notes—thank you and otherwise. It had been awhile, and it definitely felt good.

Jill even cleaned out her wallet! If it is productive and/or makes you happy, it's good Creative Friday fare.

I made some progress on my button E. It's not that it's a huge project or anything, just that I put it down for long periods without working on it. (Due largely to other projects, such as the aforementioned project from hell.)

Creative Friday is good for the soul. I sure miss having it every week!


Jill said...

Tape CAN fix anything!

It's funny that we were so delighted that Creative Friday was actually on Friday this time!

Landon's apple art cracked me up.

I was shocked that Eva recovered from the devastation.

patsy said...

Love your posts...

The E buttom project- question- do you leave the E up or wash it out when you are finished? I did an American flag on a pillow with buttons & it turned out so cute I've been wanting to do more button projects!

Your cabinets look GREAT! I LOVe the white. LOVE IT. WEnde keeps trying to talk me into this project (she did her kitchen) but I know better!! I would go crazy! I took down 3,000 feet of wallpaper, cleaned & painted when we moved into this house & I cannot take on another big paint project EVER AGain.
I think you are amazing at everything you do- you keep going on those cabinets- they really are going to be worth it!

Denise said...

LOVE your button monogram! Did you use buttons you had on hand, or did you have to shop for specific ones? About how many buttons do you suppose you're going to use? Tutorial, please!

Your cabinets look great. Are they sort or a blue/gray? Details, please!

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