Friday, September 02, 2011


Just a few of the things happening around here lately:

I had a bunch of blood drawn last week so my doctor could check all sorts of things. She called to say that everything looks good except I am vitamin D deficient. I was surprised because I take a D3 supplement (1000 IU). She wants me to take 4000 IU daily! Wow.

I went to the little farmer's market at BYU with Emily last week. It was tiny, but had some great produce. I bought tomatoes, peaches, and lime mint (it smells so divine). Lots of all three things, and only $9! I'm so glad Em is back at BYU (and with a car, to boot!).

This is Eva's excitement over buying school lunch for the first time on pizza day.

And this is her excitement over riding the bus home with a friend after school. Riding the bus is only that exciting when you don't have to do it day after day! (Personally, I rode the bus straight through to my senior year and hated it.)

I went to the temple this week and was pleased to feel the all-encompassing peace that prevails there. It is such a good feeling to step away from the world for a little while and just be utterly at peace. It feels so right.

I stopped to admire the zinnias on my way out and saw that they are underplanted with parsley! I never would have thought of that. (Is it a bug-repellent? Jane?)

I went to Costco yesterday to stock up. I haven't done that properly for about 2 months or so. I knew it was going to be expensive, but it was shockingly so. I'll send some good mail to the person who comes closest to guessing my total!

I got an email from the library saying that I had an overdue book–so overdue, in fact, that an additional $5 in fines had accrued and it was going to collections if I didn't turn it back in ASAP! I looked around Eva's room and found this. (It costs $4.99 new, by the way.) Good grief.
Ballet has started up again and Eva is thrilled about wearing all of the new dance clothes that Grandma Susan brought! Sure I'm biased, but I think she's the cutest girl at the studio.

In addition, I have:
  • gone out to lunch with one of my friends that I visit teach
  • exercised almost every day!
  • signed up to be a room mom for Eva's class
  • contemplated going to the daytime Institute class
  • done some leisurely reading
  • mowed the lawn
  • cleaned the burner drip pans with a method I found out about on Pinterest (put in Ziploc bags with a little ammonia and leave outside overnight)
  • made homemade Oxi-Clean (also on Pinterest)
  • sorted through the horrid basket/stacks of books, magazines and knitting paraphernalia by our couch
  • done some organizing in my studio (namely fabric)
  • done some returns (always something I procrastinate)
  • paid the bills
  • watched 5 episodes of Luther on Netflix
Life is good.


Jill said...

I am so excited for this new infusion of "free" time in your life!! I may be even more excited for you than I was for me when I first got that delicious freedom. You've worked harder than I had to to get it. I'm so glad you got so much done this week and that you took care of the Essentials, the Necessities and the Nice-to-Dos!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love the minutiae in your life posts, especially because they have such beautiful photos.

Parsley can be a bug deterrent, but usually flowers aren't real bug attracters, so my guess is it's a pretty groundcover, prolific, vibrant, and cheap. I've planted it in flower boxes next to pansies and it's so pretty. In fact, all week I've had carrots-that-have-gone-to-seed flowers in a bouquet in the middle of our table! They look so pretty as filler.

Good for Lucas! That will be fun.

Do! Do! Do take a daytime institute class. Learning is never wasted. I have enjoyed the adult daytime institute classes I have taken over the years. (I take one each winter.)

I'm guessing your cart is $383.78. Unless your hiding some meat in there and in that case I'll guess $421.64.

Eva does look cute.

I had to ride the bus in high school, too. A long ways. I got to sleep and read lots.

Liz said...

I had a Vit D deficiency too last January. Had to take the same as you for 2 months and then go get my blood drawn again, to make sure it was fine. It was and now I'm back to normal I hope. :) Hope you do well.

Love all that you are doing in your kid-free time!

And I am going to guess $260 for your Costco bill.

Lisa Johnson said...

My guess is $324.48. I randomly found Jill's blog by blog hopping one day and thus found yours. I am so jealous of your fun circle of friends and miss living in Utah! :)

Erin said...

My guess is $237.00. Was there only one cart?

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
Love Eva's outfits...they're darling. My little one is taking Hip-Hop so all new outfits as well.

My guess is 375.00 for all of your CostCo goodies...I'm in the $200.00 club on a consistant basis.


Kim Sue said...

380 is my guess because I can spend a hundred and not even cover the bottom of the basket!

love the excited face...Carly only wants to eat on Wednesdays because it is Chick-fil-a day. said...

Of course, Eva is too cute in all her shown outfits!

Sounds like "school life" is treating you well.

Wish I lived next door...

Costco bill: $350.00

Denise said...

Your cart is pretty loaded, all right! My guess: $298, but perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

I need to research that cleaning tip for stove drip pans (or just find a place to buy new ones).

I'm glad that you get enjoy Emily's company, and vice-versa, though I miss her terribly.

patsy said...

i AM TRULY impressed by your use of free time! I cannot say I am doing the same.

I think I am vitamin D deficiant... or thought so? Now I am really curious? I take 1000 mg in the winter, but really- defficiant in the summer? NOW I really wonder if I am??? I've been wondering about iron too- since I crave ice & reading about Jill's experience... I don't want to go through that!

You are really amazing-

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