Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneelock was here

My dad spent a good 5 hours on Friday cutting down volunteer trees, overgrown bushes, and a bunch of other stuff from our horrid, dog-ruined jungle of a backyard. It was also a very hot day.

This photo truly is not representative of the magnitude of the piles of cuttings.

One neighbor lent us a trailer, and another their Excursion to tow the trailer. We all helped to haul branches, cut them down, and load it up. It was quite a job.

Dad and our wonderful neighbor took the whole load to the dump on Saturday morning.

The backyard is hardly recognizable. Still weedy and rather out of control, but much less of a jungle. Sunnier. More open. It seems like a miracle of sorts.

On Sunday, Dad helped Marc to measure and hang this old window we bought from a cool secondhand store.

He spent all of today (until it was time to leave for the airport) fixing our leaky bathtub faucets and the drain outside of our laundry room (it flooded for the umpteenth time last night due to a rainstorm).

I lost count of how many trips he made to Home Depot, but I think it was at least 6 in just 3 days.

I sure do love having Sneelock around. And service is the best kind of gift.


crystal said...

I LOVE that I know who Sneelock is, and where the moniker originated!

Can I rent him?

Jill said...

He is so wonderful! These are such HUGE gifts of service for you!!!!

Kelly said...

I love that all of these are total action shots! What a generous spirit he must be -- so very helpful!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love reading about the Adventures of Sneelock. He deserves a whole book to himself. said...

Sneelock is always good to have in your corner!

I love that Dad is always so selfless and it comes without thought. I always feels as if he lives to serve (mostly me!)and as stated before, I yearn to be more like him.

I love Sneelock.

jt said...

Seriously, dad is a wonder. A wonder. Sadly, this is what his 'vacations' consist of whether visiting you or I. What would we do without a Sneelock? And thank heavens Denise had the good sense to name him that oh these many years ago.

Charlotte said...

Sneelock is one of my all-time favorite people! I'm so glad that you could spend time with your dad and that as a result you have a cleaned-up backyard!

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