Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a last hurrah

I decided that we had to cram in some more summer fun during the last week before school started.

It started with our second (gasp!) trip to Seven Peaks. (The boys went 3 or 4 times, but we only all went together twice! At that rate, it might have been cheaper to just buy the day passes.)

I forgot to take my camera – this photo is from our first foray of the season. The long lines we had to wait in while everyone's bags were checked for contraband food/drinks were enough to make you want to scream. It was much better the last time we went.

We took Landon and Eva's friend Riley with us. Eva got really brave and finally went on a few slides – the kiddie ones. Riley was disappointed that she didn't want to go on the big ones!

At one point in the wave pool, I was in serious trouble. Eva had her life jacket on and was sitting on top of the waves, but Riley, who is a good swimmer, was getting mouthfuls of water and was holding onto me for support. It was too deep for me to stand, so I was treading water and trying to hold her up to the surface. Waves kept crashing over my head and I was choking and starting to feel panicked. For a second, I feared the life guard was going to have to jump in after me, and the next second I was hoping she would! She didn't even see me. So reassuring. I managed to drag us all to the edge. I really wish I were a stronger swimmer.

The next day was Lucas's friend birthday party. We took him and a bunch of his friends to play laser tag. Of course I forgot to get any pictures of that.

In the short time that I was with his friends, I rediscovered that I really do not like one of them very well. All he could talk about was girls (in not the most respectful of terms), and when he wasn't doing that, he was putting down some of Lucas's other friends.

I didn't want to make a huge deal out of it and possibly make said friend more attractive somehow, so I just quietly told Lucas later that I was uncomfortable with the way this friend was talking and behaving. I hope it sinks in.

Fortunately, Lucas requested donuts from Costco! Even though I love baking cakes, I really wasn't up to another one that week.

Everyone had donuts and milk and then after Lucas opened his gifts, I took them all home. Easiest party ever.

Lucas totally scored on his gifts with money, iTunes cards, and treats. He was thrilled.

The next day, I took everyone to Trafalga (including Landon and Riley). Thankfully, Landon didn't mind spending a third day in a row with us, because Landon is such a good friend and a great influence that he is always welcome!

Max and Landon on the climbing wall.

We all played laser tag together, a first for Eva and me. I wish I had pictures of that, it was hilarious. I could not seem to get the hang of holding my gun in the right place, because it kept flashing and giving me the message: "HOLD WITH TWO HANDS." I was holding it with two hands! It was still fun, though.

Riley spraying water at us in the bumper boats. She was just barely tall enough to drive one by herself. (Eva was not and had to ride with me.)

I had not expected to get so soaked! Our clothes were totally wet and I ended up with unplanned smoky eyes – on the top and bottom!

Riley rode the airplanes. Eva watched from the ground.

Eva rode the carousel twice, but held on for dear life. (Apparently this is one result of our being extreme homebodies.) Never mind that she rode about a hundred carousels in Paris. Two years ago.

There was just enough room on the go-karts for all the kids to go at once. I'm amazed that Eva agreed to it, but she seemed to feel comfortable with Max at the wheel since he drives a lot these days.

Landon volunteered to go with Riley. Lucas frustrated everyone by going too slow and not staying in one lane so that everyone could pass him. Good times.

These two were delighted to share a lunch of chicken strips and fries.

The Frog Hopper is Riley's favorite ride and she probably went on it 10 times. She really wanted Eva to go on it with her, and Eva finally relented, if I would do it, too. There is one seat in the middle for adults. I figured, what the heck? No big whoop. Oh, there was whoop.

It drops you down suddenly and then goes back up. Repeat many times. I couldn't stop myself from screaming a little. Eva was white-knuckled the entire time. I won't make that mistake again! I am now a total wuss about rides.

And, of course, Riley did the climbing wall.

Eva preferred playing on the indoor playground. Maybe next time we'll spare ourselves the drive and just go to a McDonald's playland!

The next day was Friday, and I treated myself to a lazy day at home. I think it was well-deserved. I also think I should get some major points for being a fun mom that week.


patsy said...

you even made it on the ride!? I am so impressed. I adore the picture of Eva hanging onto the carousel- Chloe is the same way about rides, but beats the boys up the climbing wall every time.
the thought of going to a water park for any reason makes me shutter & want to punch someone in the face... JK

Great family fun times! I am truly sad at how fast this summer flew by.

WAY to GO Lucas- good luck on your audition. School musicals are our favorite around here!

Jill said...

Thank you for making Landon's last week of summer so fun! He loves spending time with Lucas so he would have been happy just doing that, but 7 Peaks, Trafalga and a birthday party was the ultimate week!

It makes me laugh that Lucas and Eva are so cautious and don't venture out much.

{natalie} said...

the oh there was a whoop part made me laugh. those rides are freaky but i kind of like them.

we did dunford donuts this week too for kade's treat to bring to school. his school won't let you bring homemade treats, i don't know if that is state wide but i think it's annoying.

it looks like you had a really fun week. and a lazy friday sounds like a great end.

Liz said...

Fun mom indeed!! I do not do those kinds of rides. We went to a water park with roller coasters two weeks ago--we all went on a big innertube water slide ride, and I absolutely thought I was going to die since I was going down the slide backwards!

Thinking about the boy at Lucas's party-- I think I would have said something to him. At the very least it is important for him to know that he needs to be respectful of girls and women, and in your home I think you have the right to expect that others would respect your feelings on the subject. It is too bad that some kids behave in such a poor way.

TX Girl said...

Be still my heart! I LOVE Dunford donuts. I miss them. We always make sure to pick up a dozen when I come to town.

You deserve some serious points!

Denise said...

Wow. That's just about all I can say.

Laser tag AND the Frog Hopper?


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