Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring run-off

Yesterday was the annual 3K Spring Run-Off at our elementary school. Lucas had absolutely no desire to participate. (He has mild asthma and really hates running. I can't blame him.)

Eva surprised me by wanting to run. Well, actually, she wanted to walk it. It was only later that she realized no one was walking... They have a 1K route for the kindergartners and first graders.

She was quite pleased to have a special race day t-shirt. Never mind that the smallest size came down to her knees.

The little guy on the bottom right is her "boyfriend." That is what she calls him, but apparently he has a crush on his cousin. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Being completely inexperienced with the whole race scene, I didn't realize that parents were running alongside their children. As in, holding their hands through the race. But you had to be registered as a runner and have an official t-shirt to do so – if Eva decides to try again next year, I'll know what to do!

Even though 1K really isn't that long, I don't think Eva has ever run that far (surely she never had a reason to before!). She quickly fell behind and got a stitch in her side. I told her to walk it out, but she was not happy that everyone was passing her by. With a good dose of encouragement, she started running again.

Heading for the finish line.

While she wasn't dead last, she was definitely one of the stragglers at the end. I praised her for finishing, and fortunately she seemed proud of herself.

Cooling off post-race. (Note the utter lack of appropriate running footwear.)

She told me that she had fun and wants to do it again next year! Also that she wants to submit a design for next year's t-shirt.


patsy said...

What a great activity for a school- catchy name too!
run holding hands... um no thank you- I would not do that.

1K for a kindergartener is fantastic! Way to go Eva- I hope you do run next year & design the t-shirt!

Melinda said...

My kids school had this also this year. They all wanted me to run with them but being I am recovering from 2 hurt ankles I told them I as out. They had fun with it.

Charlotte said...

This is so adorable! Somehow running seems so much cuter when Eva is doing it in an oversized t-shirt.

jt said...

So cute! And a much different story than the one of Bella's first race, if you recall. Though to be fair, she was barely 4 at the time. I love that she wants to submit a design. And I laughed when I saw the shoes she was wearing. Good for her!

Jill said...

How funny, I noticed Eva's non-appropriate footwear right away. This looks like such a cute event, and it's always fun to get a t-shirt.

shannon said...

Regarding Eva's footwear...I see that you're picking the same battles with her as I am with my daughters...I would have let that slide as well.

sigh--I think we're in for some interesting teenage years, what do ya think?

Clever name for the race, by the way!

Denise said...

And what exactly is wrong with pink Mary Janes for running, I ask?

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