Tuesday, April 05, 2011

the ledge

Today I've been dealing with a furnace that's not working, a garbage disposal that's not working, a toilet that's not working, and a section of gutter that got blown off the roof and is now hanging precariously and screeching in the wind.

And I have company coming on Saturday.

I am seriously having to talk myself down right now.


Jill said...

Step away from the ledge! You can do hard things! Remember this you are "noble and great, courageous and determined, faithful and fearless." (This my new mantra thanks to Sister Dew.) Repeat it as needed, I suggest 20 times or more.

Liz said...

I'm so sorry all of these things are causing trouble for you right before company comes! I sure hope everything is solved before they come and that you can make it through with your sanity intact!

patsy said...

Oh golly.
This is not good---
but I have faith in you.
You CAN do hard things. I love that saying- we say it all the time around here.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

This is when you wished you rented! Hang in there Michelle and remember there is always a toilet at the church if you need one.

jenn said...

I love Jane Payne and I've never even met her. Toilet at the church! Wished you rented!! Ha!

I had my microwave sitting on my counter all weekend waiting for a part to come in after one of my children cooked a metal container and blew my magnatron fuse. I feel a part of your pain and encourage you to back away from the edge and punch a hole in the wall instead- what's one more thing?!

I'll turn my heat up for you if you want to come get warm!

Tasha said...

Oh no! I've been telling myself all week, one thing at a time.... its working....kind of...

Denise said...

Plumbing and furnace issues concurrently?! That's just not fair. Not fair at all.

Is Timm coming with Jessie and the girls? If so, your labor problem is solved. Oh wait--there's still that whole money thing. Shammit!

Wish I could do something to help you. . ..

Claire said...

I hope you can get things worked out!
Remember to lean on the Savior because he'll help you out all you need.

Miranda said...

Oh dear!
I wish I could be there to help you.
It's going to be okay.
Maybe not today.
But eventually.
Hang in there.

Melinda said...

I really hope things are better today. Why does it have to pour when it is raining? Good luck!

Susan said...

Oh my!

That's just too many pieces of hard luck at once. Ugh. What the?!

Wish Dad were closer and could help. How about your home teacher?!!

This is not a good time at all to have so many issues. I'm sorry.

Charlotte said...

Good hell. I'm glad you talked yourself away from the ledge!

Rebekah said...

It's like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Knock on wood.

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