Thursday, April 14, 2011

12 on the 12th | April

1. Marc made this beautiful stack of crêpes for a party with his study abroad prep class. I thought they looked all ruffly and lovely. (He says the fancy crêpe pan I finally found for him makes all the difference.)
2. Of course I was tempted to eat a crêpe for breakfast, but I stuck to my diet and had bacon and eggs instead.
3. Self-portrait with Jessie! I love that she was here on the 12th.
4. We decided to be fun moms and took the girls to the dinosaur museum. During spring break. Do we win some kind of award??
5. Bella and Eva (in their new matching shirts) examining a dino habitat.
6. A dinosaur stranded on an island.
7. I love this picture of Eva from behind.
8. Jessie and Bella working on an island in the sand/water table.
9. The girls posing in front of the giant prehistoric shark.
10. My lone daffodil in bloom. What's that about? I definitely planted at least a dozen.
11. Sleeping Beauty and Prince, Fiona's must-have toys. Somehow, they made it into the museum, and then stayed there. I ran back to pick them up from the lost & found.
12. One of the many things I admired at DownEast Clothing. Jessie wanted to go get some layering t-shirts. I wanted to buy this sweater for Eva. Or maybe make one like it sometime!
{Little Caesar's for dinner. Whew!}


Lee said...

Looks like a wonderful day. My daughter just discovered DownEast Clothing. I'm truly afraid! Enjoy the rest of your month!

patsy said...

I have thought about you two all week! It looks like you are having a wonderful time!!

jenn said...

There are super-sized gold stars for moms who brave the dinosaur museum during spring break. My family pass expires next week and I still couldn't bring myself to go. (And now the tulips may not be in bloom before it expires- ugh.)

This 12th was very much about three little girls. I hope you get a day that is more for you and Jessie!

Jill said...

You two were very brave to take the girls there during Spring Break (or anytime really)! I'm glad it went well. It's very fun that Jessie and the girls were here for the 12th.

Denise said...

You deserve an award for sure. I'm definitely NOT the Fun Spring Break Mom.

I'm jealous of your time together and only wish that Jessie and her girls were still going to be there next week.

And I can't wait to go to Down East while I'm there!

Rebekah said...

The stack of crepes is killing me, as is the line of grids beneath this post in the 'You might also like' section.

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