Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday miscellany

::I bought a package of these fusible beads for Eva to try. They were a huge hit. She made several dogs, cats, and turtles and invited some friends over to create with her. She decided to spend some of her Christmas money to buy another set: princesses.

I was tired of having the loose container of beads around, so I gave her a little divided plastic container and we sorted them by color. She was as pleased with the sorting as I. I love it when she wants to do something with me other than play imagination games!!

Mental picture: when we came back from the craft store, I so wished I had had my camera with me. She had a cute outfit on and her hair done in braids. She was wearing her khaki coat. She was holding a red balloon she got at the store in one hand, and her package in the other. She looked so pleased and grown-up. Sigh.

::I had a dream that we bought a new house. It was a pretty big house (even though we don't want a really big house). We went to move in, and discovered that the previous owners had decided to leave all their stuff there and start fresh. Also that it was nienie's house! I was wandering from room to room, poring over all of the cute things, thinking maybe I wouldn't bother moving mine in. And then, suddenly, we had to leave for a fancy party. I put on one of Stephanie's darling pairs of shoes and they actually fit! And I felt pretty. Weird.

::I also had a dream that Jill and her family were offering to pay us to come over and get rid of a mouse in their house. What the? I suggested they buy some blocks of mouse poison! (**When I got home from being out with Jill today, I was informed that there was a mouse sighting at our house today. Not again...)

::Yesterday I went for my last session of physical therapy! Hooray! I baked cookies to take to all of the people who have helped me. Then someone mentioned that I would have to return next week for a final visit with the doctor. Noooooooo! I brought cookies! It was supposed to be the last day! I felt a little deflated. But at least I'm done with the PT.

::Next week I will be taking Max to get his driver's permit. Still trying to wrap my mind around that.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I do love your miscellany posts Michelle. Your dream sounded a bit like Dorothy and Wizard of Oz-ish and Cinderella sprinkled in with real life.

Ohhhhhhhhhh driver's training. Worse than potty training in my book. Good luck wrapping your brain and your heart and your feet as they push through the floorboards on that one.

So glad physical therapy was such a good experience. I hope your knees continue to heal and strengthen.

Melinda said...

I hope Eva is doing better and it doesn't go through the whole family.

Those are some pretty good dreams. I often wonder what they mean, if anything.

Our neighbors have these same bead things and they love them. My kids have been begging for them. I may need to go get some to keep them busy on the weekends while I am soloing it.

Blake gets to go next month to get his permit also. I'm silently freaking out.

Rebekah said...

Don't you wish that you could browse through other people's homes? That would definitely be a fun home to peruse.

I can't believe the mice have returned. No fair.

Jill said...

Those are some really random dreams!

I love the mental picture I got of Eva with her red balloon.

Kim Sue said...

We call it "melty art" at our house. Carly loves it still (after years of playing with it) and I am so happy that she is able to iron her own now!!

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