Thursday, March 31, 2011

let's talk tv, part II

Any other Medium watchers out there? Marc and I really enjoyed the series, especially the family dynamics and Bridget. They did a lot of interesting, different things over the years. But the series finale? Seriously disappointing. I can't believe they resorted to the old "it was all a dream" cliché. Really? And that whole ending shot killed me with its cheesiness. It's too bad a good series had to go out on a low note.

Dear Joe: I love you. Congrats on surviving all those years of being awakened by Allison's dreams and having crazy things happen (like when she doesn't recognize you).

House. I love the repartée in this show. Also, it seems that they finally quit using that stupid tactic of taking you inside the body to see what's happening. Good call.

I guess the story line of House getting clean and being a teeny bit more of a caring person wasn't very popular, because that is all out the window now. It's truly remarkable how much of a jerk someone can be, and perhaps even more remarkable that people genuinely care about him. And I wish I knew how Hugh Laurie can portray such a convincing American. When I hear him speak with his British accent, that sounds fake to me. That's how good he is.

video of Laurie on Ellen. I love him.

Survivor. We watched it at the beginning, and then for some reason we missed several seasons. Jill got us back into it a few years ago, and I have to say it does not disappoint. This is one show that manages to stay fresh and entertaining despite being in its 20th season!

Could you stand Russell's huge ego? And what happened to his mad immunity idol-hunting-without-clues skills? For once, his tribe wised up and voted him out when they had the chance.

Boston Rob. Charismatic and funny as ever. I love it when he talks to the camera. It's funny that even though he is about the biggest threat anyone could be, no one seems to think about getting rid of him. (Except for crazy Philip, that is. How funny is it that they put a question mark after his "former federal agent" title?) Rob's definitely still got it.

I think Redemption Island is a great twist. We are totally rooting for Matt – with such a great run of wins, he is a serious competitor. How cute was it when he was so excited to receive that pink Bible?

We do like tv around here. But lest you think it's all lowbrow fare, I do love me some BBC productions. Season 1 of Downton Abbey is currently on my docket. And my sister-in-law Lisa sent me Persuasion for my birthday! Rupert Penry-Jones, ooh la la.


jenn said...

I know I'm a sucker but I would let Boston Rob talk me right off a cliff. Love him.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm so very uninformed. Do I dare admit I've never seen House?

The it's-all-a-dream business used up all of its luster in Wizard of Oz -- since then it's nothing but a cop out. Don't you agree?

melanie said...

I'm such a random commenter these days but with a post on Survivor, I just couldn't resist. I love, love, love Boston Rob. He's just soooo good at this game. I love when he told them all he had bathroom issues and was really finding the idol. Love him! You also touched on something that makes me laugh every week, the question mark.

Also, how can anyone resist Hugh Laurie?

Claire said...

Once, on BBC there was some medical comedic drama with Hugh Laurie in it. He was a doctor once again, but this time he was British AND happy. Weird.

Holly said...

We don't watch Medium but I think pulling a Bobby Ewing in the shower is lame.

If y'all liked Medium's supernatural-ishness, than y'all might enjoy Fringe. It's on FOX on Friday nights. My husband and I really like it. You could get Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix (well, if you like the first few episodes of course).

I'm going to check out Downtown Abbey--sounds right up my alley.

What did you think of American Idol last night?

Jill said...

Medium was too scary for me so I never got into it and I found House annoying so I never got into it either, weird. But you know I LOVE Survivor! I adore Boston Rob and never get tired of the changing dynamics, the challenges and possibilities; every week I think "this is some good tv".

I also love Downton Abbey and Persuasion!

Elizabeth said...

I love Downton Abbey. Check out Doc Martin. A great British show. And I have been in love with Hugh since watching Jeeves and Wooster as a teenager!

Marie said...

I love Medium but I stopped watching it a long time ago cause it freaked out my kids. Maybe someday I'll catch it in reruns or on Netflix. I liked House at first but it began to annoy me, but I have to say that I love Hugh Laurie too and I am SO amazed at how good he is at acting like an American. I just love Boston Rob too. We did the same thing with Survivor, we watched it faithfully the first few years then missed a few and started up again.

Rebekah said...

Can't do ghost, so I never even tried Medium. The dream twist needs to be retired. Seriously. It was good on Dallas, but the 80s are over now.

Whenever I hear that Survivor has been on for 20 seasons I have to remind myself that 20 seasons doesn't equal 20 years. I stopped watching after Australia, I think it just makes me too nervous!

jt said...

I LOVE Medium and House, but I am not caught up on the last year of either of them. I can't believe the it's a dream thing- I don't even know what to say about that.
I am watching Survivor online, since I don't have any tv service, and as usual, it is so, so good. I too laugh every time I see that question mark after crazy Phil. I don't want him to go though because he is such good tv.
But I haven't been watching Idol this year. Pretty much Survivor is the only new thing I watch.

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