Thursday, March 03, 2011

high excitement

There has been some high excitement around here. First of all, Lucas got new shoes. (He needed new shoes in the very worst way.) He picked out these Vans and a pair of basketball shoes. He walked around with a huge smile and told us numerous times that he can run faster and jump higher now.

Also, he went back to school today, after missing 6 days due to another sinus infection! Oh, happy day.

Max is going to the state competition for his cello solo! He has worked hard and long on that piece, and we are so proud of him.

Recently, it was finally Eva's turn to bring the "Sound Box" to school. (Somehow, the only picture I have is on my phone, and I can't figure out how to get it here...) Each child takes a turn with a different letter of the alphabet. Hers was T, so she had to fill the box with things that start with the letter T. Even though she brought the box home several days before she was to return it, filling it was of the utmost importance, and we had to drop everything to hunt for T objects. We put in a bag of miniature Twix bars for a T treat.

Yesterday morning, she badgered Marc and I into putting together quick sound boxes of our own, for her entertainment. The girl has got skills.

A rather frightening photo of one of my new leg braces.

I got my new, super-expensive, custom-made leg braces. My family teases me about my "cyborg legs" – they really do make me look part machine. But the combination of the braces, the physical therapy, and the injections must be working, because I can now walk down stairs normally most of the time! And I no longer avoid putting on the brake in my van for fear of not being able to release it. Cause for excitement indeed.

As for Marc, he has been having a rough go of it, and I'm not sure that he's all that excited about anything right now. Well, maybe his spring study abroad program that he'll be splitting with another professor...


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I didn't think there was anything fairer in the land than Lucas' shoes (I read your post first in google reader), until I clicked on your blog and saw your header! Oh my! Everything about that is wonderful.

Fun to be caught up on a few of your happenings and congrats to Max. I hope Marc's world rights itself soon.

Miranda said...

Header! Love!

My goodness what fun updates. That knee brace thingie is not screwing around!

I used to use sound boxes with my older speech clients all the time. It was a great way to trick them into practicing their sounds.

Melinda said...

Oh, Michelle, there are mean girls in every grade and it seems like my girls have had to deal with them every year. Girls are so mean. Poor Eva, it is so hard. I hope it gets better for her.

Those vans are super cool. I have walked past that store wanting to go in and buy a pair for myself!

Way to go Max! That is super exciting.

I fear Jason is in the same boat as Marc. With the stress of work, school and finals coming on he has been down. Plus he leaves one week from today for China for 2 weeks and he isn't that excited to be gone again. He's been on a trip every week since last Sept.

Claire said...

Good for Max! The cello is such a lovely instrument. I am glad that he is excelling at it.

shannon said...

Yes, Virginia...there ARE mean girls in kindergarten!

Your header is probably one of my favorites that you've done...and that's saying a lot!!

Eva's sound box is a cute idea...(I always have to chuckle when I see the "homework" that Ellie comes home always ends up becoming more my project than hers...) Twix bars are a Treat indeed!

I can't imagine a life where scaling stairs was painful--I'm glad the therapy/cyberleg contraption is bringing you some relief...

Susan said...

Mean girls stink.

Cyberknee...holy moly! That would certainly be a detriment to style!

The vans are super cute, perfect for that super cute son.

Hooray for Max! I can't wait to hear the video of the performance. He looks so grown up with his instrument.

Sorry about Marc, but need more info. Paris should definitely help.

I want to work on a sound box with Eva!

jt said...

Yes, I too believe I need more info on Marc. And that cyberleg really isn't kidding around.
Love the Vans too. I have a pair myself, but they're polka dot.

Jill said...

The Cyborg legs are pretty they make you feel bionic at all?

Rebekah said...

No Paris for the fam this year? I could see how that would be a relief to you, in a way.

You're like the Bionic Woman now!

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