Saturday, February 19, 2011

soldier hollow

Today Marc's parents generously took us tubing at Soldier Hollow for the third time (but it was the first time Marc joined us!).

They even brought snacks and hand warmers for everyone – here Nicole was trying to warm up her face with them.

I wasn't sure how Eva was going to fare, as this was her first time actually tubing with us. (The first time we took Lucas, I had to force him to go on one run and then he loved it.) She was a bit dubious at the beginning but didn't require much convincing at all. I think it helped that Marc was there and we put her between the two of us.

It wasn't all that cold (about 40ยบ, I think) and snowing lightly. We were all in good form.

I ate the tasty dried fruit and nuts that Mim & Bob brought during one of the times I was on the tow rope up the hill.

Because Eva was participating this year, Grandma & Grandpa were able to go tubing as well!

Lucas in his ski mask.

By this time, the snow was really coming down, and we were all getting quite wet. Also, the tow rope stopped at one point when we were being pulled up the hill and Eva's tube slipped off. Marc jumped off and re-attached her, but she was apparently irretrievably traumatized, because that was her last run.

It actually ended up being the last run for everyone. The heavy snow was preventing the runs from getting packed and sleek; with the constant fresh powder, the tubes were going slow and even coming to a stop on the hill. That combined with everyone being soaked and chilled led us back to the lodge to warm up.

Eva recovered quickly once she stripped off her snow clothes and warmed herself by the fire. (My camera lens was wet and foggy!)

After some warming up time, we went to a restaurant in Heber for lunch. Holy moly, look at those onion rings! Bob & Mim treated us all to lunch. Going out with the grandparents is especially exciting for the kids, as they are encouraged to order specialty drinks, and basically whatever else they want. (Incidentally, this restaurant had what they called "Utahn cream soda," which is an Italian cream soda made sweeter with Sprite. Ew. Nobody ordered one.)

Lucas and Eva were both in heaven, as they ordered pasta with butter, fries, and gelato for dessert.

Visibility was low coming down from the mountains. We were all wearing wet clothes (except for Lucas, the only smart one who brought a dry change of clothing). This was an adventure for my home-loving clan. It was a fun outing, and it felt oh so good to come home and take a hot shower!


Jill said...

Oh my, the sight of the driving conditions in that last photo made my stomach drop! I despise driving in those conditions anytime, but especially in the canyon! At least it wasn't at night!

This looks like such a fun day. Bob and Mim are so incredibly generous! It's beyond sweet of them to plan and fund these activities.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh! Your photography skills. Should coveting ever become saintly and acceptable, I'm going to covet that skill of yours. I think I loved the colors of the gloves and dried fruit the best, but the one of Eva in the dreamy world because of the fogged lens was pretty incredible, too. As well as the onion rings. Onion rings. Who would have thought that I'd be commenting on an onion rings photo? I'm telling you, your photos are so fun to see. Besides the beautiful photos....

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY. What great grandparents to make a day of snow so fun for everyone. I'm going to take note for someday.

Claire said...

Sounds like a fun day for your family!

Susan said...

Once again, wish we could be closer! That sounds a tiny bit outside my "what a fun thing to do"! thinking, but it does look like fun.

Good thinking, Lucas! I would want dry clothes, I'm not too tolerant of discomfort!

And, the ride home looks a bit frightening for sure. Bob and Mim are sure good sports!

jt said...

So many things to comment on:
"Should coveting ever become saintly and acceptable" SO funny. I am all over that, Jane Payne.
Nicole looks so old! I guess it's been a while since I've seen her.
Bella would also have been irretrievably traumatized.
Love the foggy lens photo.
Those onion rings are killing me. KILLING me. Especially since i am just starting day 3 of trying to eat better. Onion rings are not on that plan, sadly.
Lucas, I love you. But I do not love your hair. Luckily, you are still a cute boy. Handsome and manly, I mean.
And once again, Bob and Mim are the best,most involved grandparents ever. Ever. You can tell them I said that.

Kim Sue said...

we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming several years ago and tubing was by far my favorite activity of the trip, definitely not snow skiing!

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