Thursday, February 03, 2011


This is what a burned-out oven element looks like. I had no idea.

I called and got the part number for a replacement and found out that there was one on the shelf in a store in Provo. Marc stopped by to pick it up yesterday and then wowed us with his handyman skills last night. He may or may not have uttered a few choice words. (Incidentally, he remarked that it is most inopportune that the people who are least likely to have the necessary tools for a job are also those who are most in need of the necessary tools for said job. I don't know if that's true or not, but it made me laugh.)

I took the kids to Noodles & Co. on Tuesday night and then prepared a crockpot dinner on Wednesday. (It turns out, I don't really like Noodles & Co. But my kids love it. Of course, Lucas and Eva order plain, buttered noodles. But they also get root beer and cute carry-out boxes.)

Hooray for a working oven and range again! All freshly-cleaned, too.

That's just what I did – I baked bread! (cute kitchen towel a gift from my mother, obviously)

I baked cookies!

And, I made dinner on the stove. Considering that I made a big trip to Costco, taught piano and went to parent-teacher conferences, I was impressed with myself. And Marc.


Miranda said...

Soooo....I pretty much need that kitchen towel.

I'm sorry to hear about your stove. It sounded scary.

Also, I have to agree with you. Noodles and Co. I don't get it. But I'm pretty sure I would if I were a kid.

Miranda said...

I meant OVEN.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hooray for Marc. Hooray for you. Hooray for an oven.

What did you cook for dinner on the stove?

patsy said...

These below freezing temps are killing me

Wow on all accounts!
I like noodles - pad Thai with chicken- it's good. Not super authentic but good.

Jill said...

Hooray for Marc's surprising handyman skills!

It sounds like you were extremely productive, that's always satisfying!!

jt said...

That's cold.
I find Marc's comment humorous and probably true. Also I need that tea towel. And I don't know that I would like the raisins in those cookies...I don't like fruit trying to sneak into baked goods sometimes.

Susan said...

Hot Dog for Marc!

Check out the new towels I found on my blog...I'm pretty sure, they'll be on your hit-list!

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