Tuesday, December 07, 2010

one more reason for early Christmas prep

Eva has been sick with a high fever and vomiting since Sunday night, so I have been engaged in 24-hour parenting. (Okay, so I'm always on call 24/7, but I don't usually get more than one call during the night shift...)

Thankfully, the vomiting has passed, but she has the kind of fever that brings on pain and tenderness all over her body, plus the occasional hallucination.

All she wants is to be held. Constantly. By me and me alone.

Here is my list of accomplishments for Monday: took a shower.

After Eva went to bed, I cut out and filed my coupons from Sunday.

Tuesday: quick trip to the grocery store! (Because now Max is home sick with a fever as well. And Eva's alternating doses of Tylenol and Motrin actually brought her fever down enough so that she could sit and watch a show without me. For a bit.)

Marc brought home a new thermometer since our old one died, and I thought maybe her fever was gone because she was acting more like herself. No. It was just down to 100.5, which evidently is great cause for celebration.

Funnily enough, she wanted to stop on her way to bed for "one more snuggle." We'd done nothing but snuggle all day long! I laughed, and congratulated myself for not screaming.

After Eva went to bed tonight, I folded one load of laundry and watched a little bit of Brideshead Revisited. And now I am going to bed, because who knows how much sleep I will get tonight.

Ah. Now I remember how difficult it is when my children are sick. Especially in December, when losing entire days is more painful than usual.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh gee. You almost have your nursing degree with all of your kids' illnesses don't you? You should.

Yes. Yes. Losing a day near Christmas can be crucial. Here's to lower reading on your thermometers.

Jill said...

Did you notice Jane's comment time? She's an hour earlier than us too right? Goodness!

You are such a champ, I really don't know how you manage the endless demands made upon you. I hope today is a better day!

This cracked me up: "I laughed, and congratulated myself for not screaming."

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love that Jill noted Jane's comment time! I don't think that I have ever looked at the times of the comments. I will now! HA!

I am so sorry that your littles are down - especially in December!!! Hopefully it will be short lived and over this week!!

Hang in there!

patsy said...

oh golly-
this is so not good.
I hope things get better FAST!!

you are in my thoughts today :)

Amy said...

I feel your complaints: my 4 yr old has vomiting & diarrhea...no combination in which I can leave the house.

My list of accomplishments yesterday mirrored yours: coupon cutting when he napped...and vacuumed. When my husband came home I was still in my pajamas because really why get dressed when you can't leave?

I hope you have a swift return to health!

Natasha said...

This IS painful! Hope she gets to feeling better!

jenn said...

I can't believe how early all your comments came! It's almost 10:30 and I'm still dragging my feet today. Not because of sick kids though- I'm so sorry about that! I get the pain of losing days around Christmas. I wish I could learn to start earlier.

Thinking productive and healthy thoughts for you and your family...

Amie said...

Oh dear. You guys have way more than your fair share of sickness. I hope everyone is on the mend now.

I hear you on losing precious days. Jimmy has been home all week.... not sick but you know... busting the groove. Even if in a good way, I feel like I have lost preparation days.

crystal said...

I SO hear you. Isabelle's been out of school the ENTIRE WEEK. With the plague, i think.

Susan said...

Okay, so I'm reading blogs for the first time in weeks...

Many of my friends and co-workers have been sick with the same thing. It seems to go through the whole family, hate to say.

p.s. have you had a flu shot? Me neither...ugh.

Charlotte said...

So much sickness for the Oliviers. I hope your house is well again!

Rebekah said...

Sick? Again? Really?

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