Friday, December 24, 2010

it's almost here

I love Christmas Eve so much.

Marc and the boys went to the movies. Eva and I baked rolls. I vacuumed. We went to Michelle's house for an Italian feast.

We came home, read the Christmas story in Luke, wrote out our gifts for the Savior for the coming year.

Then, finally, when all the kids were tucked into bed, I worked my Santa magic. I love stockings, they are probably my favorite part of Christmas.

And then I just sat and looked at it all – the tree, the gifts, the stockings, and thought about how it would all be over this time tomorrow. I hope it is magical for them.


Tasha said...

I love that picture! And I LOVE being Santa too!

Claudissima said...

OHHHHH WHAT A beautiful photo and thoughts.....We celebrate christmas eve and christmas day we usually go to the movies, walk at the beach, play games, or go and have leftovers from the night before...., I am soo moved to read your thoughts and I want to implement stuff like this, that we do with my parents, but me for my kids....We never did stockings we used to decorate them, and sometimes make them, but never filled them up!?!! crazy! wow it looks magical!

crystal said...

The stockings took me an hour and a half to stuff! AN HOUR AND A HALF! And...the little gifties were already wrapped.

Seriously. I was trying to have fun, but having not-so-much-fun.

Anonymous said...

i LOVED all the pics you posted! Eva is such a doll, and your boys are SO handsome!! wish we were closer, i'd love for your creativity to rub off on me!

Rebekah said...

Christmas Eve is one of those special times that I feel saddened that I don't have a family of my own to create Christmas for. It was especially hard this year, even with my mother visiting. I feel like I've failed in a fundamental way.

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