Friday, December 17, 2010

five for Friday

1. Eva made this card to give to her teacher. The glitter glue was taking way too long to dry, and she wanted to write her holiday message. I told her she would just have to wait, to avoid ruining the picture. Instead of listening to me, she turned the card around and wrote her words upside down! What the? She showed me.

2. We made a batch of Rolo turtles the other day. Apparently these have become an essential part of Christmas for my kids. I'm partial to the ones with pecans myself, which is surprising when you know how much I love m&ms.

3. This is a terrible photo (taken at night), but when I took Max to get a haircut, I turned and saw this dog sitting in the driver's seat of the car next to us! I did a double take, then totally started laughing. When we came back to our car, this one was gone and Eva said, "maybe the dog drove home!"

4. I was waiting for Max to finish his cello lesson and realized that I could zoom in and see him working with his teacher. The Christmas tree, the picture of the temple, the classical music... I love this scene.

5. On Tuesday, Eva got to go to school with Landon. (Seventh graders bring a young child to school and do activities with them for an hour and a half.) She was so excited to go to the junior high and said, "I love Jill's kids. She has really nice kids. They don't boss me around." Okay, then. (For the record, she does have really nice kids.)

I ended up going to Starbucks (for the first time ever!). I ordered a salted caramel hot chocolate and sat and prepped my Christmas lesson for YW while I sipped. I also talked to Jessie on the phone. I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty great way to spend the time before I had to go back and pick up Eva.

She had a pretty great time, too!

p.s. Last Sunday night, our elementary school was robbed. Around 50 new computers were stolen, as well as some cameras. Today we found out that the police were able to recover the computers and apprehend the suspects!


patsy said...

GReat day- hooray for the computers being found!!! what kind of person steals computers from little kids? jerks

I laughed out loud at the dog in the car- that photo is hilarious.

Price Cream Parlor said...

So glad those thieves were found! That is just sick and wrong! Hope they weren't teens!

Your drink sounds delicious!

Photo of your little at his music lessons is wonderful!

I, too, love those turtles!

That dog photo is so funny!

Liz said...

That Eva is CLEVER! She already knows how to write upside down! Good for her!

That is terrible about your school being robbed! Good that they caught them though!

Susan said...

It feels good to catch up even a tiny bit... I feel disconnected when I don't have time to read blogs.

Good report, I loved the photos and I agree, Eva is a clever girl!!

Jill said...

Eva's card is too cute, she definitely has her own style and ingenuity.

I LOVE those turtles, but prefer the pecans to the M&Ms as well. I'll still eat them of course, but the pecans are better.

I hope that dog has a license!

I think that is such a cool picture of Max's cello lesson!!! You must have been giddy to get that.

Thank you so much for bringing Eva to the Junior High so Landon could fulfill his assignment. He said she was awesome. I'm very glad you were able to enjoy that time alone and experience that fabulous hot chocolate.

That's sad about the robbery at the school (that it happened at all), but hooray for the police.

Natasha said...

Oh Starbizzle, it's where I get my reading done and work paperwork finished in peace! The caramel apple cider is heavenly too!

Claudissima said...

yeah! starbucks....did you live in seattle? good for you...there is a starbucks in every corner of the globe!

Rebekah said...

Went out and bought the ingredients for these turtles the very same day! I've been giving them away as gifts, and eating quite a few myself.

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