Friday, December 03, 2010

five for Friday

1. Marc has been recording dog shows for Eva lately. We watched a NOVA called Dogs: Decoded that was fascinating. And Dogs 101 on Animal Planet is a new favorite. I didn't know whether she would sit through a whole show like these, but she is absolutely captivated. She loves dogs almost as much as she loves dinosaurs.

2. Eva gathered all of her money from her piggy bank and various purses and crammed it in her wallet for the school Christmas store. She had so much fun shopping for friends that she ran out of money before she got a gift for Lucas! (I had specifically told her to pick out a gift for each of her brothers.) I sent her back with a little more money the next day so that Lucas wouldn't be deprived of one of the fabulous gifts from this one-of-a-kind shopping experience. (She bought something lovely for cousin Sarah, too. So exciting!)

3. We woke up to a big snow on Sunday morning. (After the Blizzard of 2010 that never materialized, I guess the forecasters were feeling a bit sheepish or something, because I had no idea it was coming.) I sent Max and Lucas out to shovel before church, because this is an example of a time when having sons really comes in handy. (Lucas didn't think he should have to do it on Sunday because it's work. Nice try.)

Anyway. When I went out early Monday morning to take Max to school, I slipped on the stairs and landed hard on my bum. It happened in the exact same spot where I fell and sprained my foot 3 months ago. I experienced just a moment of post-traumatic stress, but then I stood up and brushed the snow off my backside and was just fine. (Except that my foot still hasn't completely healed from the original fall.)

4. I got the carpet cleaned on Tuesday, because that was the gift that Marc wanted above all else for his birthday. Nothing says celebration like clean carpet! To be fair, it needed it, but still. He was beaming when he came home and walked on it, in all its slightly damp, slightly crunchy, clean glory.

5. Yesterday, Eva decided that she really needed to make muffins. This coincided nicely with the pile of overripe bananas sitting on the counter, so we made a double batch of banana chocolate chip, our family favorite. She loves to stir the dry ingredients together, and told me she was making a "swirl of doom." Baking is already pretty fun, but when you add in apocalyptic imagery, it takes it to a whole new level.

Bonus: This is Eva's current favorite dinosaur pal, Red Eye. Here you see him dressed up in tissues and one of Eva's undershirts for Thanksgiving. (He's a pilgrim, duh.) Yesterday, she tweaked his garb just a bit and took him for show and tell as... wait for it... Mary. As in the mother of Jesus. I didn't see that coming.


Miranda said...

"Swirl of doom?" HA! I really really want to hang out with Eva.

Natasha said...

That Eva seems like quite a character! I love your new blog header.

Jill said...

I love your new banner!

I find Eva's love and knowledge of dinosaurs and dogs to be both impressive and endearing.

I'm curious about the presents she bought for everyone.

I can understand wanting carpet cleaning enough to request it as a gift...maybe. Ours are looking quite heinous lately so it has been on my mind.

I have never had any apocalyptic imagery while baking.

Seriously, Red Eye as Mary?! I wonder if her teacher fell off her chair!

Charlotte said...

Not another fall! I'm glad that you were okay. And something I think I'll miss living in the northwest is the snow. I love lots of snow (at appropriate times of course--snow in April? Not so appropriate).

And every time I think of Red Eye I can hear how Eva says it and then I picture my freaky bloodshot eyes.

jenn said...

Eva's imagination and large vocabulary make her "one of a kind!"

I'm glad you made it through the PTS and didn't get re-injured (who knew reinjured was not acutally a word?!!) The wind and cold made things extra icy here too. I hate winter when I have to leave my house.

crystal said...

Do you think you could coerce Eva into creating a similar drawing for me?

Just like her doggie with a heart above, but instead--a Diet Coke cup with a heart above.

I would frame it in my kitchen, I swear it.

Rebekah said...

I'm pretty sure I saw that show, and I loved it! Was that the one where they had dog owners identify the emotion behind the different barks? That was awesome. Do you know what's funny, when they said that dog owners are more likely to survive a serious heart attack, Jack popped into my mind. Ha! I thought I should tell you that for those moments when he's driving you crazy!

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