Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12 on the 12th | October

1. I spent a gloriously decadent morning finishing my book for book club! (There are some benefits to having a child home sick.)
2. A new high score on Veggie Samurai. Man, that game is addictive.
3. Wrinkly, a.k.a. Secret Agent Dog.
4. I ran over to Borders to get The Lost Hero for Lucas (on release day!) – he spent the day on the couch reading.
5. Max, taking a PSAT practice test. (I don't remember doing that as a sophomore.)
6. The playful skeleton we have hanging on the inside of our front door. He makes me smile every time I see him.
7. I absolutely love it when there are simultaneously colorful leaves on the trees and crunchy leaves on the grass.
8. I tried the banana crunch muffins from Amy S.'s food blog. They are delicious, which is nice, since it made 24!
9. Eva showing me how long her nails are. Yikes.
10. The sunset I saw before going to book club.
11. I ran into Target to get chips to go with the baked cheese dip I made, then met Jill in the parking lot so we could drive together.
12. Jenn holding Jana's baby Savannah, who kept lurching endearingly toward Jill.


Jill said...

How funny, I took a picture of that sunset too! It didn't make it into my 12 on the 12th, but it was a beautiful sunset indeed.

I'm so glad you got to have a decadent morning!

Melinda said...

I don't remember taking a psat practice test either. Wow, I guess I need to worry about that next year?

I always seems to notice how gross my kids nails are at parent teacher conferences and then I'm so embarrassed.

That sunset is gorgeous!

Claudissima said...

love love the sunset the skeleton is very cute.....

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

12 x 12 always shows such a nice variety to the day. I love seeing yours. Who would have guessed you have a spy dog in additon to your dog that takes all the naps that you stumple over?

lelly said...

I have just weaned myself from Angry Birds. I don't dare check out Veggie Samurai...

I love the skelly guy (that's what we call them in my house.) He appeals to my love of vintage-y Hallowe'en decor.

jenn said...

We are awaiting that book from Amazon who in their good ole days would have it shipped for arrival on the day it was released but has gotten so big and so vain that I may not see it for a month. Three of us had finished my sister's copy of Mockingjay before mine ever arrived!

I remember PSAT's as a sophomore but I was not very serious about them.

Denise said...

What the heck is Veggie Samurai? I feel behind the times, indeed.

Rebekah said...

Oh man, I remembers the PSATs. The thing I remember most is that I had to call my mom from a pay phone at school because I didn't know my social security number. After I hung up the phone, my friend kindly advised me that I was almost an adult and needed to have it memorized. Ha!

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