Monday, September 20, 2010

Sundance getaway

Last week, Jill had the brilliant idea of going to Sundance to check out the fall foliage and she invited me to go along. (We haven't witnessed any autumn action down here in the valley, but things always happen sooner up in the mountains, and if we wait until we see leaves changing down here, we've already missed the mountain splendor.)

I literally got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I never make plans like that! During the daytime! But when I thought about it, I could do it! Jill came over and picked us up, we dropped Eva off at school, stopped for gas, and headed up the canyon!

woohoo, on our way!

As soon as we turned the corner to go up the canyon, we started seeing glorious color. How does that happen? The canyon entrance is only a mile or two from my house!

I usually only go to Sundance when we're going to one of its pricey, wonderful restaurants (not very often). We walked around places I'd never seen.

mossy rocks!

While we did see a few other people meandering about, it felt so quiet up there, so tranquil.

wildflowers = good

Is there any sound more pleasant than a running stream? (Well, maybe the surf. But maybe they're equally good.)

We felt like the sign pointing to the spa was mocking us.

Jill, working her magic again. I don't know if I can bear to look at her photos from the day.

{possibly my favorite photo of the day and the basis for my new banner}

Jill was shocked that I was actually willing to ride on the ski lift. While it's true that I am not a fan of heights, I felt safe going with her because I was pretty sure she wasn't going to rock our seat to scare me on purpose.

This sign cracked me up. Apparently, Jill took a picture of it and made it into cards years ago.

We had some great views from up there.

our shadow

We were up above the trees! (Jill took off her flip flops so they wouldn't accidentally fall off. A woman passing us on the lift asked her if she lost them. No way! She's way ahead of you, lady!)


ski lift self-portrait

autumn glory

I'm actually kind of proud of myself for doing this!

sign in the gift shop

Jill inspecting what appears to be a very very old tree.

Such a delightful trip. Even though I only had two hours in between dropping Eva at school and picking Max up from swim team, it felt like a bona fide getaway. I think it should become a tradition!


Robyn said...

Wow, I'm the first to comment! Those photos are absolutely amazing. That banner photo is unreal. I want it in a 3x5 foot size! I love the lifts at Sundance. It's the best experience though I do admit I get a little jittery up there too. Sounds like the perfect day.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I felt restored just reading and looking at your photos, Michelle. Like Robyn, that photo (and consequently banner) is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for once again sharing your talent.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle! I have been aching for those mountain fall colors and this post is just washing over me. THANK YOU for posting all these pictures. I have loved going up to Sundance this time of year for the past 12 years and been rather sad that I am missing it. Glad you took the lift up- it is such a great thing to see those colors washing over the mountains. LOVE that you are able to do this with Eva in school :)

lelly said...


I live in the flatlands (we have surf, yes, but that doesn't do it for me anymore.) I just might have to put "ski lift self-portrait" on my life list!!

jenn said...

I keep trying to find a way to take my kids up there this week because I know the colors will be gone by the time I get back from my trip, but somebody has something every night. ugh.

I wish I had thought to go up by myself last week when I wasn't so stressed- the canyon is so beautiful. I love fall in Utah.

I'm glad you did this too. What a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

Lee said...

I love your photographs on your blog. You always take the best ones. What kind of camera do you have?

Jill said...

Never fear, your pictures turned out better than mine...dang it!

I'm so proud of us for going, it was nearly a bust that it pains me to think of it.

The self-portrait you posted was not very nice of me.

michelle said...

Jill, I didn't think any of the self portraits were good of either of us, so I picked the one that showed the best background...

jt said...

{Reforming commenter}
You make Utah look pettier than I remember! Beautiful pictures. I guess you need to go up into the mountains and away from State Street.

Esther said...

Beautiful pictures! Wish I could be there soaking it all up.

Price Cream Parlor said...

The possible banner is a beauty! So fun that you two were able to just go like that! Sometimes life just gets in the way and we forget to LIVE! So fun to have such beauty so close! Love it!

I am in shock that you took a photo of the gears on the lift! I am great with riding - just not looking at what I am hanging from! ha!

Susan said...

Wow! How I do love Autumn. I'm fearful of what ours will be this year with our drought. Generally, it is breathtaking.

...speaking of new banners...

(I'm just saying...)

Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures! Our colors are turning here but there's nowhere to get some elevation and really SEE them.

I said this on Jill's blog...we love Sundance! I used to work in merchandising for the catalog before I had babies, T and I had our first date there and got engaged there as well. We took our kids there this summer and walked around. It is such a tranquil beautiful place.

The ski lift wouldn't have scared me, but I could not take of my shoes! T always takes off his shoes when he flies in an airplane but I have to leave mine on...what if we crash? Who has time to put their shoes back on?? Seeing the barefeet made me nervous..not the heights. Weird.

What a great, spontaneous outing. So happy for you both.

Rebekah said...

How are the leaves already changing? How is it October next week?

I wish I had spent more time at Sundance. I always felt intimidated about going there!

Claudissima said...

beautiful banner...I love love love the photos and the inspirations and the ride and the outing. You should do this weekly....and for sure a tradition. I just love sundance...and the whole canyon for th at matter...

Denise said...

Beautiful photos--breathtaking, really.

I wish there were "Easiest Way Down" signs for life.

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