Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday miscellany

A week ago Saturday, Eva went to a birthday party up in Provo canyon. On our way, we passed a stand for fresh-picked peaches, and I had to buy a box. I am not canning this year, we just really love Lemon Elberta peaches! We have been eating them ever since.

I packaged some up and took them to the sisters that I visit teach. Now they are nearing over-ripeness, so I am cutting them up and freezing them and making more peach sauce. Smoothies today!

I made this granola last week and I am officially in love. It is now gone and I stocked up on oatmeal when it was on sale so I can make it again and again!

After about a year of trying to get Crystal over to make artisan bread, it finally happened last Wednesday! Jill and Amie were interested as well, so we made a day of it.

Crystal brought her little boy Jack with her. While it hasn't been that long since I had a toddler around the house, I had forgotten what a whirlwind they are! No wonder moms are tired.

Jill brought our favorite chicken salad, Amie brought croissants, I provided the peaches (of course), and Crystal brought cannoli for dessert. What a feast!

Crystal with her finished loaf. This bread is truly so easy to make, it's crazy to put it off. If you like bread, you really should try this recipe.

And on a non-food-related note: I have decided that I need to come to terms with my new role as constant chauffeur. Somehow, I have avoided that pretty well up until now, but no more. I have a minimum of 4 trips a day driving kids around, more often it's more like 6. I've been feeling quite grumbly about the whole thing, as it breaks up my day so much that I don't have any big chunks of time to get stuff done. After a few weeks of this, I finally decided that being annoyed about having to do all this running around isn't helping me at all, and I don't want my kids to think that I begrudge helping them out, so... I just have to embrace this new normal. I think I'm doing an okay job of it.


Jill said...

I think taking a bag of peaches to your visiting teachees is a thoughtful and brilliant idea! I wish mine would do that for me.

The bread-making lesson was most enjoyable and funny that it was a dream come true for Crystal.

Kudos to you for embracing your role as family chauffeur. I hope some good will come of it and that you'll find that you're able to sneak in things you like.

Amie said...

Those peaches were SO good. The bags you took to your VT-ees are beautiful, what a great gift for them.

I need a good granola recipe. I will have to try that one.

I don't mind the chauffer role because I am lazy. I think I like the guilt free time... I don't have to feel like I should be cleaning or or or because you can't... I keep the Ensign (sometimes a book if I expect a long waiting time) and my phone with me so if I have few minutes I can do something I want to.... I'm glad you've come to grips so early on... hopefully it will make this year better.

Miranda said...

Sweet. I am always up for a new granola recipe. Especially with Fall hustling in. Our peaches are all gone (sob).

Claudissima said...

ohhhh my! what a fun post.....i haven't had fruit in sooooo long, it really feels like christmas when I eat a piece of fruit or vegetable for that matter..... I love Crystal's happy face at the end, I should try to do this, but I don't have a dutch oven....shoot! Is this the one that your mom makes that is huge??/ probably not huh.....Well, that picture of the four of you is sooo cute and what a treat! I am very very happy for all are all my favorite people! And about the chauffer I don't mind getting in my car at all.....I just wished I was getting in a mercedes benz (a new one not my old one....) then it would be even nicer!!! today was 108!!!! and yesterday 105 and tomorrow who is for sure a heat wave...I guess I would mind getting in the car when it is soooooo hot! I love your new attitude though..... go go go michelle!

Petey said...

All this talk of peaches makes me want some peaches and cream!

jt said...

That's a whole lotta peaches not to be canning them. Lemon Elberta makes me think of grandma.
Serendipity! I have been looking for a granola recipe lately and am anxious to try it!

Natasha said...

I'm with you on embracing the driving. I complained at first and kept waiting for it to get better, as if someone could rescue me from that responsibility. I still dislike living in my car but once I had a good talk with myself and got it in my head that this is myl life I sucked it up and recovered.

The peaches look heavenly! I can't find any good ones here. I did an apple post today, we have been eating apples, apples.

Melinda said...

Those peaches look so good. My family loves those.

I had to get over the chauffer also. It is crazy with all of them running. This year hasn't been so bad now that our piano teacher quit and I haven't found a new one and with the girls out of dance. Football starts next week with Cam so that will pick us back up.

Susan said...

Those peaches look divine! I tried a new peach pie recipe from Colorado Cache and it was fab. It had one cup of heavy cream, with sugar and flour...dots of butter and cinnamon. Yum! If only I had some good peaches to make it really good . Mine weren't so good, but the pie was still super good. (I made a mini and gave it to Sam and Ryan, but only after a small sampling myself!

I haven't looked at your granola recipe yet, but Shannon has one that is hard to be beat... and hard to beat in calories too! It's her Grandfather's recipe and WAY good.

Whatever you do, don't try to slip any peach preserves over on Eva...

Rebekah said...

I like the idea of bringing peaches to your ladies. I feel bad about pushing high calorie treats on people, especially during the holidays when everyone is over eating already.

Kelly said...

Your peaches look divine! The last couple years I've gotten emails about this local lady who brings massive amounts of fruit down from Utah this time of year that you can buy by the case, but I haven't heard a word about that this year. Time to investigate!

I'm going to have to try your bread!

Hannah said...

This post is making me so hungry! Those peaches look divine and I just got back from getting all the stuff to make that granola. I love granola!

I love teaching people to make bread- it really is so easy and they are always SO stoked about it.

I try to embrace the constant chauffeur role because I know it has just begun. Glad you have come to terms with it!

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