Saturday, September 25, 2010

fun Friday and Fall Festival

Jill came over for Creative Friday yesterday and brought Ashley with her, to Eva's great delight. (Eva was counting down the minutes until they got here, but when they finally did arrive, she was too busy brushing her hair to even say hello! What the?)

These two got along beautifully, coloring, playing outside, playing with the Barbie castle, and who knows what else. They were having such a great time, I could hardly bear to tear Eva away to take her to school. So I asked her if she wanted to stay home, and she answered with a resounding yes. (I just hope she knows this was a one-time deal!)

She did the happy happy, joy joy song and dance.

Jill brought some of her wonderful cookies. I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to homemade cookies.

After Jill and Ashley left, we got ready to go to the annual Fall Festival at the elementary school.

Eva decorated this bottle of 7up for the soda walk. She became quite attached to it and had difficulty letting it go to the cause.

This year they had a space theme.

We visited Eva's bottle among the many, many others!

I was glad it wasn't my child crying over a dropped snow cone.

Lucas was helping out at the rocket launch, scoring some free tickets along the way. I barely saw him all night! (Max opted to stay home, I guess he's too old for the Fall Festival now.)

Eva spent a long time drawing on her rocket. She didn't seem to notice or care that it didn't go very far.

She really, really wanted to go on a pony ride...

but even with Dad's reassuring arm around her, she decided that it was too wobbly and unsafe-feeling up there.

She already has plans to try again next year!

Eva did the cake walk, but didn't win a cake.

They had Jedi training on the stage. I thought this was a brilliant idea and it was quite entertaining to watch.

She made a button pin and bracelet and won a silly band at the fish pond.

She had her face painted, and felt so fancy (despite the orange soda mustache). In fact, she asked me if I saw anything about her that wasn't beautiful, and when I said that I did not, she replied, "I knew it!"

Lucas surprised us by coming home with 3 cakes he won in the cake walk!


It wasn't until this morning that I realized how funny it was that he was so excited about them – he doesn't even like cake! He wants to invite some friends over for cake and games. I guess it doesn't take make much to make a party.

I wish I'd taken some establishing shots to show the scope of the festival, it is a huge undertaking. At the end of the night, Marc looked at me and said, "I'm glad this is only once a year!" I'm sure the event planners would agree, but the kids think it's the best night ever.


Natasha said...

That does seem like a huge project.

I like to let my kids skip school but we haven't done it this school year because the school board has a new policy of only 5 absences per SEMESTER, down from 9 last year. We haven't even made it through 1/2 a semester and Griffin is already nearing his limit so this will be interesting. For kids like Griffin that have asthma, etc 9 days was unreasonable enough, not to mention 5!

Fun cakes!

Jill said...

I'm glad our Creative Friday was such a smashing success (at least until the end)!

The Fall Festival looks fun. I think the decorated pop bottles are a fun idea. How funny that Lucas ended up with 3 cakes!

crystal said...

I love that she asked if you saw anything about her that wasn't beautiful. Any time I read an Eva snippet, it makes my day :)

Denise said...

Three cakes?! Oh dee. I think a party is a good idea. The one with snakes sicks me out just a bit.

Now that we are in our seventeenth year as parents at our local elementary school, I've had just about all of the carnivals, sock hops, and silent auctions I can take in a lifetime! I'm ready to move on.

I've taken my kids out of school for things like birthday shopping and the opening of Harry Potter movies.

Claudissima said...

ohhhh wow this is the best spt that you have taken, both of you look radiant and your beautiful skin looks am going to have to print one and keep it! I love love love that you had a great day, and the festival sounds like soo much fun. I love going to those...i guess Max is getting old...into a new phase fun. I love the cakes....i hope they tasted good....
and i FORGOT TO tell you how amazing those peaches look all wrapped up and with the bow! wow.

Rebekah said...

Wow, that's a lot of soda!

Props to whoever made that R2D2 cake. I participated in a cake walk when I was little and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Free cake? An ENTIRE free cake? I couldn't believe my good fortune.

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