Saturday, September 18, 2010

Creative Friday x2

Last Friday was lovely. Jill and I had a nice chunk of time to chat and get things done.

Eva was excited to show Jill her new bookcase. Her room is a work in progress right now, to my delight.

She didn't even scream when I brushed her hair for school. (It was green day for kindergarten, which is the only reason she wasn't wearing pink.)

After she went to school, we had potato soup with fresh whole wheat bread and apples with caramel dip. I had been wanting apples with caramel ever since Jane posted about her friend Susan bringing some over as a gift. It was truly delicious. (At first I was concerned that I was down to one apple, but Jill pointed out that we could eat it with anything, including plain on our fingers.)

I finally had the time to write some notes. But not all that I wanted to write. Yet.

Jill got the chore sticks she had made the previous week ready for mailing. What a happy surprise that friend received!

But my favorite part of the day was probably Jill re-enacting her spidey sense in action.

It was awesome and made me laugh so hard.

My cute, funny, photogenic friend.

Now yesterday, yesterday was a different story. It wasn't purely delightful. But it was okay. As Jill said, it was better than nothing.

Eva working on her paleontology project. She bought this dinosaur egg at the dollar store, and I assumed it would be one of those things that falls apart the second you have at it, but was I ever wrong! She has been patiently chipping away at this thing for weeks, brushing away the dust, trying to excavate those tiny little bones. I thought she would quickly become frustrated, but she is thrilled that she's getting a taste of what she calls "real paleontology."

Then she sat on my lap to share some of the Reese's Pieces that Jill brought. Sneaky.

Emily came over to do laundry and some studying. I felt terrible, because something is wrong with our dryer and it does not work. I'm talking 3-4 times through to get things dry. We make a horrible laundromat.

This cracked me up. I looked over and Emily was reading the Wall Street Journal. (She's an accounting major at BYU.) I have never once read the Wall Street Journal. It looked so grown-up!

Jill took this picture of my empty chair. That was the not-so-good part of the day. By the time I dropped Eva off at school, ran to the store to get some bread and mailing supplies, and later picked Max up from swim practice, I was only present for about 1 1/2 hours of C.F. Not cool. (I seem to be becoming one of those moms who is always shuttling the kids around. I so do not want to be that mom.)

Jill cut out many, many labels.

All I was able to do between the driving and the food prep was prepare 3 birthday packages for mailing. As in, stuff the envelopes and address them. Crazy.

We ate leftover roasted red pepper/artichoke that Jenn sent home with me after book club (yum), chunks of soft bread, tiny bell peppers and carrots and sugar pea pods, and then more peaches with cream and peach sauce. Not bad.

Self-portrait with our guest Emily.

Better than nothing isn't much to shout about, but hey, it was. I'd still rather get together than not.


crystal said...

Your assignment: to ask Charlotte where the h-e-double-toothpicks she purchased that GORGEOUS cardigan.

Report to me on Wednesday.

(i am giddy about Bread Wednesday)

Jill said...

I think you captured both weeks perfectly. I'm bummed that you had to run around so much during this week's gathering. We must remedy the situation immediately.

michelle said...

Crystal - Emily inherited that cardigan from my grandma when she died. I know!

jenn said...

Sorry about your dryer and sorry about all your running around- that is something I totally relate too!

Hopes for a less interrupted creative friday next week!

Charlotte said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there! Thanks for taking care of Emily for me (even with a slooooow dryer)--I miss her like crazy and am glad to know she has you close by. Love and miss you!

Rebekah said...

I guess you got your money's worth from the dollar store! I don't think I would have the patience for that. Undoubtedly, I would have thrown it on the sidewalk to bust it up faster.

The WSJ is trying to compete with the NYT now for 'home rule' in New York, so they've added some really interesting and fun lifestyle/regular person features to the paper. If it weren't for that, no, it's not the paper for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I love your banner!

I agree any Creative Friday is better than none. Jill seems to have a gift for being able to set aside for ONE purpose. I'm like you and seem to be in a stage where I can't totally ditch my phone or kid run around like I would like. I used to always feel like a schmuck while she was at my table waiting for me to be able to settle.

Love the picture of you and Eva.

Denise said...

Thanks for includig a photo of Emily! I miss her so much and appreciate the love and care you give her.

Those photos of Jill's spider recap are truly hilarious.

And about Emily's cardigan--I know it was a gift from your mom to Grandma (a few years ago) and I think it was from either Banana Republic or Anthopologie.

patsy said...

I love to see your creative days... even though you missed so much- darn it!
That is one GREAT thing about having a driving teen :) FREEDOM from small trips here & there. Those are great for new drivers.

How fun to have Emily & Jill!
That dollar store egg was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I hope you get more creative time this week!

Claudissima said...

oh, my I love love it. creative friday is a beautiful balm in the middle of fun, girl time is always so fun...even with a million obligations.....

ps. I can honestly tell you that now that the bread making is out there, I sooo wished when i was there you could have taught me how to do that ding dong cake....It was soooo much in my heart...but w/o a car....almost impossible. Maybe a date in the future......cute spt.....

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