Saturday, August 21, 2010

six for Saturday

1. One day this week, Lucas was upset about the chore he picked out of the cup (sweeping the back stairs). To be fair, it is truly a yucky job. Matted dried leaves, heavy rocks that Jack pushed over the edge, bugs, etc. He was sulking, and I was holding my ground.

I looked out the window and saw Eva trying to console him. Saying she would help him out and trying to get him to just do it and get it over with. It was pretty sweet.

Then I remembered Jessie telling me something her mother-in-law said. She had called for advice when Bella refused to make her bed. She wanted Jessie's help, Jessie knew she could handle it herself. How much do you insist? How much of a battle do you get into? Her m-i-l said, "Is it necessary for her salvation that she do it alone? Maybe you should just help her and teach her that we help each other and that it's fun to help each other." (or something like that) Hmmm.

Ultimately I decided that I would help him out. If I were doing that job and Lucas came to help me, I would be thrilled. And I want him to know that we help each other. Thanks, Mom Tanner.

2. Why do I have to remind myself to eat fruit? I love fruit, but I forget easily. Marc brought home a watermelon in our continued campaign to get Lucas to eat better, and I cut it all up. It's delicious, everyone loves it. Apparently I just have to cut it up and then it gets eaten. Duh. (We have also been eating tons of peaches. Utah peaches rock.)

3. We went to a Scout Court of Honor this week and Lucas joined the ranks of the Boy Scouts! Cub Scouts no more. (He was not thrilled when I told him that it would be more respectful not to wear his hat with his uniform.)

It was windy and I forgot to bring my camera, which was too bad because we got to see a flag retirement ceremony, a first for us all.

I can't decide if I'm more excited for Lucas to be in Scouts or more nervous because they talked a lot about Eagle projects and Eagle Scouts. Now I have two to move along the path! I wish I had pushed Max harder in his early Scouting years. There is definitely wisdom in finishing the Eagle before they go to high school and get busier. I shall have to do better this time.

4. Max is starting high school this week! We went to the newly-renovated school yesterday to walk around and find his classes. He will be taking the bus for the first time (oh how I hated that).

We had to wait in line for nearly an hour just to get a locker assignment! And pay $200 in school fees. Ouch.

This school has tons of big windows and some great mountain views. Again, I felt simultaneously excited and nervous for him. I hope he has a good experience there.

5. Yesterday we went to Jill's house to watch the SYTYCD finale, since it didn't record at our house. Lucas shocked me by not wanting to come with us. You just never know. (I duly wore my tennis shoes all day yesterday, but my foot was killing me! Today I'm going barefoot around the house.)

Max and I ate popcorn and pretzel m&ms while we watched, and Eva played with Whitney's toys. It was an enjoyable couple of hours and felt like a reward for spending most of my day driving Lucas around to deliver birthday party invitations and taking care of all of Max's pre-school stuff at the high school. I was pleased with the results.

6. I just found out that a co-teacher has been called to help with my crazy Primary class! Hallelujah!


Jill said...

I like Mom Tanner's advice, but it still bugs me that kids don't just do what we ask them to do.

I feel the same way about fruit, especially in the summer. I just need someone to cut it up for me!

Oh Lucas' hair, I can't take it, I just can't take it!!

Max looks like a high schooler! (Eva in the background does not.) It's exciting that he's a sophomore, it feels like he just started Junior High!

How fun to see your feet on the ottoman at my house! I'm so glad you guys went over there. What is up with Lucas NOT wanting to go? Weird.

Jill said...

I ended my comment too soon. I'm so glad they called a teaching partner for you! It will be so much nicer to have another adult to help you and to trade off teaching weeks with, hooray!

Susan said...

I, too, like Mom Tanner's advice and I'm sure that Grandma would agree wholeheartedly. I like it.

It's hard to believe that Max-man is a highschooler now...oh, dee.

Looks like Lucas is getting his "do" back!

It's always a relief to have a backup for any Primary class!

Claudissima said...

oh, my I am sorry about your foot....hopefully it is healing better....I´ve had two attempts to visit you.....but failed. I feel sad. I was soo excited and then it didn´t pan out...maybe now that Jill is in town it will be easier... That looks like fun hanging out to watch a show....hope you foot is better, I am surprised the tennis shoes hurted more than helped....

jenn said...

Thank you for not spoiling the results of SYTYCD for me. I'm glad you got to watch it.

I'm thrilled they called you a co-teacher. Sunday is allowed to be challenging but it shouldn't be completely draining week after week.

We're two months from joining the ranks of Boy Scouts and I am definitely NOT excited. Cub Scouts seems simpler now that we are almost at the end.

Rebekah said...

Good perspective. I would totally want help, and would be thrilled to receive it.

I'm currently trying to eat as much watermelon as I possibly can before the season ends. Boo for living on the East Coast. Produce here is, I have to say, pathetic. I miss the constantly good offerings of California and Mexico.

People finish their Eagle before high school? Wow. That's impressive!

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