Monday, August 09, 2010

Seattle, day 5

Marc really wanted to take the boys to GameWorks, which is basically videogame heaven. Eva and I were not interested, so we stayed behind and went to the pool for a couple of hours.

We then went to Woodland Park Zoo, where Katrina and Matho met us. We used to have a family membership to this zoo when Max was tiny.

It's a great zoo because it has large, realistic habitats, so you don't feel too badly for the animals.

Max used to be more interested in the plants than the animals, causing us to wonder if he would be a future horticulturalist!

I forced them into a family self-portrait. You can see Eva's thrilled about it. If it weren't for the fact that we only took two, I wouldn't post this at all, could I be scarier??

Katrina mocked me as well, but it had to be done.

I tried to get a shot that looked like Max was kissing this snake, but it didn't exactly work out.

Eva had to post on every. single. statue.

Oh how I miss hydrangeas! I wish I could grow them successfully here.

The most exciting part of the zoo was the aviary room, where birds fly around free and you can purchase seed sticks to feed them.

This bird repeatedly landed on Lucas's shoulders, which was highly disconcerting to him. I would move the bird and direct it elsewhere, but it kept returning to Lucas! Did it feel he was a kindred spirit in grey? He was not. He eventually left the room and waited for us.

Eva loved it.

So did Max! He didn't even mind when one landed on his head. He wishes he could go feed the birds every day.

Matho and Eva pretended to have penguins for adoption. Lucas was considering it.

Flamingos are really stinky.

Marc and I really wanted to go to Palomino, a restaurant we used to enjoy (mostly in our pre-parenting days). We didn't really want to take the kids, so we considered leaving them at the condo while we went, but Max wanted to try it as well. We ended up all going and sitting on the bar side, which is more casual. Eva could even lie down on the bench and no one was around to care. It was good, but not quite as fabulous as I remembered.

We showed them some of the Chihuly glass art in the building. These are whale bones with a human skeleton inside the ribs!


Jill said...

I think you need to update your comment window, unless of course Lucas really is throwing up!

This zoo looks amazing! I always feel badly for animals when we go to the zoo here, so it would be nice not to feel that way.

I think the family self-portrait is cute!

How crazy to have the birds landing all over, I think that's pretty cool.

patsy said...

Oh I love this zoo!
When I was little, my aunt lived blocks away. In the winter it was free & she would let all of us kids walk down ALONE and we would feed the elephants peanuts. boy have times changed!

it's true the exhibits are life like & because of that Hogal zoo is continually on the list of one of the 10 best in the nation. (at least last time I looked?)

I'm so glad you are posting- what a treat! It seems like no one is blogging these days including myself. I hope you are having/had fun in NC.

jenn said...

I lived across the sound for 13 years and never went to the Woodland Park Zoo. I don't remember Point Defiance Zoo being nearly as cool. I always have mixed feelings at the zoo- smelly, sleeping animals are not really that interesting and yet, where else will I ever see tigers and giraffes?!

I'm glad you took the family self-portrait, even if your subjects were not enthusiastic.

Kelly said...

You got some really great zoo shots. I love all the ones of the kids and birds, too. How funny that the one bird kept finding poor Lucas!

I miss hydrangeas, too. So beautiful. I can't even pretend to try to grow them here. Keith once sent some to me, and they wilted between the florist's van and my door. So sad!

Rebekah said...

Eva looks like the godfather in that photo. Ha ha! Like, 'Ima gonna give you ONE chance for thisa photo.'

The Max + snake photo is just like Harry Potter! Remember, when they went to the zoo and Harry talked to the snake and accidentally set it free?

When my sister went to Seaworld, the kids' favorite part was walking through the bird enclosure with little cups of nectar.

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