Tuesday, August 31, 2010

girls' week, part 2

We went on a field trip to Hobby Lobby. We bought fabric and materials for birthday gifts.

Bella discovered a whole aisle of boas and wasted no time trying them on.

Pretty much everything is more fun with Emily around. I never do stuff like this.

99 degrees. With a pretty high percentage of humidity as well. You can see why I so appreciated the rainy day...

Cooking is so much more fun with a buddy. Faster. Less lonely.

Jessie took us on a pilgrimage to Mary Jo's Cloth Store. I wish I had this store close to me. Although it would be quite dangerous.

This really doesn't do it justice, it is just enormous. (Or hunormous, as Eva likes to say.)

There are many, many aisles with these helpful signs. This was my favorite. I never did see any outhouse fabric, though.

We wandered the store for a long time, finally narrowing our selections. I left several fabrics behind that I now regret. (Why did I have to choose that moment to show restraint?)

Sheer happiness.

They also sell grits at Mary Jo's. Sadly, they were sold out when we were there.

We wanted to make skirts for the girls, but all we managed to get done was the washing, drying, and a little cutting. We should have started earlier on that.

Jessie, working on a last-minute handmade birthday gift for a party the girls were invited to. (Eva couldn't believe that someone she didn't even know invited her to the party!) Fiona was ever so helpful.

Eva's moods would swing wildly where Fiona was involved. One minute she was saying she didn't like her and the next she was chastising Bella and telling her that there were plenty of Legos for them all to play with. It literally could be a 180ยบ turn within a minute or so. She sure likes to keep us guessing.

Emily made us this blueberry lime pound cake. Even those who professed not to like blueberries became believers.

On our last day, we took the girls to the neighborhood pool. Man, what I wouldn't give for a pool like this within walking distance to our house! Amazing. I managed to get fried, of course.

pool towels hanging to dry on the deck

Jessie wanted to take us to Cantina Fifteen Eleven, but we didn't have much in the way of childcare options, so I stayed home and Jess and Emily went to get take-out. It was delicious.

After dinner, Jessie and Emily dyed their hair the same color. (It was Emily's first foray into home hair coloring.) It cracked me up the way it looked like they were rinsing blood out.

Not to be outdone, I bought this hair relaxer. For black girls. Well, my hair is similar to theirs! I think. Anyway, I did a home straightener several years ago and had a lot of breakage, so I can't even believe I was considering doing this, but I was feeling desperate for a little cuteness. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I read the instructions and there was a strong warning against using the product on highlighted hair. Rats.

At the end of our last night, we realized that we hadn't taken any self-portraits. So we did what any self-respecting bloggers would do: took some indoor, end of the day shots with bad lighting. Documentation at all costs.

While taking the self-portraits, I explained that I can't take them with my big camera due to my T. Rex arms (as Jill calls them). Jessie did not know about this condition, so she insisted on comparing. So sad! I guess I really do have T. Rex arms...

Jessie snuggling with Smeagle (I show only his head here to spare you the ugly details).

Eva did wonderfully well during our return trip. Our connecting flight was delayed for awhile, however, and she was getting bored in the terminal, so she set up a dinosaur bed for herself, complete with leaf blanket. Why didn't I think of that?


shannon said...

Are you telling me that your fabric stores in Utah DON'T sell grits?!

The picture of the rickrack makes me giddy. (and if the truth be told, so does the picture of Jesse holding the cat)

What's a doo rag? and do I really want to know?

Jill said...

I think your picture of the fabric store definitely conveys the hunormousness of it, it's a little bit frightening to think that the photo doesn't do it justice! I'd be overwhelmed in there for sure.

Grits, that's funny.

I appreciate you taking a self-portrait at all costs!

patsy said...

What a fun time!
I'm seriously bummed- no grits...

HOme hair dying scares me to death!
funny- I don't like cooking with help, I guess I'm a control freak & too bossy?

That cake looks so SO good!
My sister's two favorite flavors are blueberry & lime. I've never thought of combining them?

That last picture cracks me up! :) None of my kids like dinosaurs? so I don't get it... but it is funny in this picture. Sleeping under a leaf-- ahh that's priceless! I can't believe you didn't join her?

Miranda said...

I have a lot to say here:

I want to go to that fabric store! I need that pound cake recipe! I haven't colored my own hair since high school...maybe I should consider it now since I'm so poor. Jessie's couch! I'm in love. Sorry about the T-rex arms. I was in a college statistics class with a dude who had worse T-rex arms. You girls are so stinkin' cute.

jenn said...

It just looks like happiness to be around Jessie. I wish I could have taken girls for a day, but you accomplished a lot for having minimal child care!!

Oh- the rickrack!!
Love the towels!!
Ew- that cat!

jenn said...

Is Emily going to share the recipe for that blueberry lime bundt cake?!!!!

Robyn said...

Rex arms!?! That's hilarious. I must suffer from the same condition b/c I cannot take a self portrait to save my life. I'll go with that excuse...

Looks like so much fun with Jessie. I am amazed at you girls with your homemade gifts. Wish I had your talent!

That store looks amazing... don't know if I would be willing to try the grits though.

RECIPE! Please, the recipe for the cake. It looks absolutely amazing.

Susan said...

Much to my friend, Linda's, shagrin, I found the most fabulous fabric at that store for Charlotte's wedding! (for my dress, that is!) Jessie told me about it and it was not a disappointment. I think they were out of grits that day too!

That can't be the same leaf I picked at the shore...are they around Charlotte, too?

Fun times for sure.

Susan said...

I just have to say that you've never seen T-Rex arms until you've seen mine.......sorry, it must be in the genes.

Claudissima said...

ohhh my, can I just tell you what beautiful skin you have....your faces glow with beautifulness....how fun to be togethter and enjoy eachother....wonderful post...and very fun!

ps...kitty galore....the kids want to go see cats and dogs...the little kitty reminds me of kitty galore...

Rebekah said...

Funny how cooking can be lonely.

Did you get and doo rag fabric? Great idea for Christmas.

I also choose to have restraint at the lamest moments.

I saw a lady at the store just last week buying that stuff! Funny.

Jessie has great hair. I wish I could wear short and sassy styles!

Charlotte said...

I agree--everything is more fun with Emily around. I miss that girl.

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