Saturday, July 03, 2010

Balloon festival 2010

Yesterday we got up at 5:30 to go to Provo's hot air balloon festival. On Thursday night (and when my alarm went off) I was wondering why we do this every year, but once I was up and about I enjoyed the early morning hours.

My kids were cold and glad they had brought sweatshirts and blankets. (I, of course, was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and felt fine.)

Lucas and Eva huddling together.

Following tradition, we got hash browns, biscuits, and o.j. from McDonald's. (I love orange juice. Why do I never buy it? It's like an annual treat.)

Landon didn't show any signs of unusual tiredness!

Once the sun came over the mountains, it really warmed up.

The Coke bottle balloon was a new addition to the arsenal.

early-morning SPT for documentation

Eva got the last pink frisbee and was quite pleased. Here she is working on some moves.

I enjoy the balloons reflected in Jill's glasses.

I decided that this is my favorite balloon – I love the flags hanging off the sides. (I'm generally a fan of anything that cascades.)

A huge line of people helping to collapse and roll up a deflated balloon.

All the kids started running around, playing frisbee and making up all kinds of games. They were very kind to include Eva.

hilarious pyramid

The kids made a tunnel for Eva to crawl through, but she didn't get the concept at first and kept trying to go through the sides rather than the ends!

making a booster seat of some sort

The balloons didn't launch again due to too much wind, but this one lifted off momentarily, and that was as good as it got this year. Too bad, I love it when they all lift off and you can see them from underneath.

For some reason, the usual get-up-and-shake-it music was replaced by decidedly muzak tunes, reaching a new low when Moon River started up. It was weird, and definitely messed with Jill's groove.

But as she says, hey, we did something!


everything pink! said...

why am i not taking photography classes from you when I visit????

Jill said...

I love that you zoomed in on the America on that balloon! You're a genius.

I'm still not over the heinous music, and will need a guarantee that that's not going to happen again next year; otherwise I may need to search out a new tradition!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Love the photos of the balloons! Perhaps next year I will take advantage of this festival as I have often see these beauties hover from above my in laws...

Never buy OJ? Really? Try Simply Orange...delicious!!!

Love all these fun traditions!

Claudissima said...

ohhhhhhh how beautiful. I am always anxious to see your post of the balloons....this year, we did not go outside...I was really bumbed...the good thing is that from my kitchen we could see the fireworks and on the other side of the kitchen we could see the fireworks of the city adjacent to ours....Now staying IN DOORS was not soooo fun. ohhh well.

Claudissima said...

ohhhhh i forgot to comment on ORANGE JUICE I absolutely love love love love it...but hardly ever buy it, I often buy the oranges and squeeze it, but I always love buying at a breakfast scenario.

jenn said...

I love seeing the differences and the similarities that show up in you posts and Jill's.

I'm sorry about the music. And that the balloons didn't take off- Jill left that detail out so I thought you had a better experience than the paper suggested, but apparently not. It still looks cool- I love watching the balloons fill and all the happy colors!

rebekah said...

That is awful blame early.

I'm surprised that the Coke bottle hasn't been in the lineup for years.

I truly miss Provo sometimes. I wonder if I will ever make it back there.

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