Monday, June 28, 2010

fifteen & nineteen

Last Thursday, to my amazement, Max turned fifteen.

He invited a few friends over and we took everyone out to lunch. After lunch, they watched Jaws in the man-cave. Marc, Michelle and I all have vivid memories of being scared to death by Jaws, but they found it only mildly frightening.

Max requested chocolate cake with white mountain frosting. He was most pleased, and said he can see why it's Jessie's birthday cake of choice.

On the same day, we had our nineteenth anniversary, but we didn't celebrate it until Saturday (except that Marc brought me roses).

Yesterday was Max's family party – Grandma and Grandpa came to eat homemade pizza (bbq chicken & asparagus/balsamic/pine nut/cream cheese), corn on the cob, and fruit with us.

For this affair, he wanted Boston cream pie. Lucky guy, he got to have two mornings of our traditional post-birthday cake for breakfast!

I'd say it was a banner birthday for Max, as he picked out a new bike (funded by all grandparents, parents, and his own savings) and we are finally getting him a cell phone. Jessie sent him a science/math-type book "to [her] favorite geek." He had seen the book before and was excited to read it.

On Saturday night, we went to Pizzeria 712, our favorite local restaurant, and it did not disappoint. We ordered perhaps the best appetizer ever – braised short rib with polenta and horseradish sauce. I could have eaten just that and left happy, but we also had the fingerling potatoes and:

roasted corn pizza with mushrooms and leeks.

None of the desserts at P712 were tempting us, so we went to the Chocolate Café for cake. Marc, of course, had dark chocolate, but I had vanilla. I am rather a cake snob, but theirs gets my stamp of approval.

Man, I've had three different cakes in the last four days! Do you like how much of our celebrating revolves around food??


crystal said...

1. I love the braised short rib there. Yummmmm

2. Have I ever told you how my friend found a roly-poly in her beet salad at pizzeria 712? Truth. I swear. I was an eyewitness. I dry heaved. I kakk-ed. I was scarred for life.

It. Was. Still. Wiggling.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love that handsome picture of you and Max. Happy belated birthday Max.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love 712! And you are so right, that appetizer is the best I have ever had. That pizza looks pretty divine as well.

Congrats to Max on 15 and you two on 19- wow!

I want cake now. Thanks a lot!

jenn said...

You know I love that your celebrating revolves around food and especially around CAKE! Max is a lucky guy to have cake for breakfast TWICE in the same week!

Fifteen is like twelve for me- it's that last year before major change. Twelve is that last year of being young before becoming a TEENager. And fifteen is also that last year of being young before driving and dating...

Next year I might freak out a bit for you.

Congrats to Max and to you and Marc for NINETEEN years!

Charlotte said...

I can't believe he's 15! And three cakes in four days? Heaven.

Thanks to Mom and Grandma, I'm also a cake snob, so I'm glad to know that the Chocolate Cafe gets the stamp of approval.

And congratulations on 19 years of being married! Next year will mark big milestones for your family—Max will be 16 and you and Marc will hit 20 years!

Jill said...

All those cakes look so good! I'm surprised you went for the vanilla at the Chocolate Cafe, but I'm super happy to find that it meets with your approval! Now I really must taste it!

I can't believe Max is 15 and I cannot believe you've been married for 19 years! Although it does seem like your wedding was ages ago.

Natasha said...

Your roses are beautiful and all those desserts look yummy!

Liz said...

Wow! I can't believe you have a 15 year old! It seems like I remember you posting about him turning 12, and getting to pass the sacrament. How does that time go by so quickly!!??

Congrats on 19 years!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Michelle - can I just come over so you can feed me? Honestly - your food sounds HEAVENLY!!! Your homemade pizza toppings? Are you kidding? WOW!

I think that Max is so much like my Spencer. I wish we lived closer as I know they would be fast friends!!

15 - brace yourself! 16 comes too soon - then 19 years old - holy cow!

Congrats on your 19th anniversary!!! Gorgeous roses!

Amy said...

Oh the food. So gorgeous. And now I'm off to see if you have that chocolate frosting recipe on your food blog. If not, you'll be getting an e-mail from me!

Melinda said...

I tend to do the same thing with our celebrations. I always ask what am I making for it?

Your cakes look divine. I need to try them and I have never been to the chocolate Cafe. Is it that new place in the old house in Orem of State?

I have never been to pizzeria 712 but after reading Crystals comment I don't think I will be. I am dry heaving just thinking about it. Happy Anniversary.

{natalie} said...

i love the braised short rib at p712.

happy anniversary!

Kelly said...

Oh man, this post made me hungry! You always take such lovely pictures, too, which just makes matters worse because they are so appetizing!

Happy Birthday to Max, and Happy Anniversary to you!

everything pink! said...

oh i love how you have such a taste for the finer foods, that corn pizza slice kind of makes me sick (we are still friends right?)

you have a 15 year old!!! Do you realize that is only 3 years away from how old we were when we met!

and to think if you would have had a baby the first year you were married you would be sending him on a mission!

White Mountain frosting???

Claudissima said...

yesss celebration has to be around food...toujours!

Susan said...

Now when did that happen---15?!!

Darling photo of the two of you and it sounds like a really fun day.

three cakes in a row is just plain wonderful.

Happy Birthday, Max. Happy Anniversary sweetheart!

chloe said...

So, I totally saw you and Marc at 712...but I didn't want to interrupt your dinner and weird you out by saying hi. All that to say I'm still enjoying your blog, but now it's from the east coast!

rebekah said...

Ok, I still freak out when I see shadows in POOLS, and I haven't even seen the whole movie! What does it take to scare the younger generations?!

I am glad no one will see this comment, because it's embarrassing to admit that I teared up when I read that you were celebrating your 19th anniversary. That is one of the last things that gets me about not marrying -- no anniversaries.

Congratulations to you!

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