Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creative Friday, and then not

A week and a half ago, we celebrated the return of Creative Friday, complete with day clothes and makeup! It felt so very good to be well again and game for our usual get-together.

Jill was kind enough to bring lunch from Taco Amigo, though, as I was still off my cooking/hostessing game. (I love bean tostadas! Why do I never make these?)

The number of hot sauces they gave Jill with her order – despite her polite refusal of any such sauces – totally cracked me up.

The boys were very obliging by playing outside and downstairs, but Eva was lonely and therefore our companion for quite some time. (Again with the hanging out in her swimsuit!) She made Jill a drawing of 7 dinosaurs to give to Whitney.

I cut some roses to bring inside. It's the one time of year when I actually have flowers in my yard for cutting and it brings me great pleasure. And as Jill said, it's aromatherapy.

These photo trimmings represent a lot of work and just make me happy. The only way they could be improved upon would be if the tiny slices were curling tendrils...

I got an action shot of Jill working her Mod Podge magic with a mini composition book. She claims she has no skills, but I beg to differ.

I enjoy these pages of notes where Jill keeps a record of her correspondence sent. That's a whole lot of cards and letters!

She made up all of these photo cards with pictures from our impromptu rainy day photo shoot. They were kind of killing me with their greatness.

Still, I managed to assemble 18 packs of cards to send as blogger birthday gifts, so I was feeling pretty great about that as well.

Right before she left, Jill showed me the pathetic state of her left heel! It's so cracked and calloused she had to cover it with duct tape. What the? The strange thing is that her right heel is normal. I feel obliged to discover a miracle cure for that heel. (I'll let you know if I come up with anything.)

Sadly, last Friday Jill was sick, so we only had one week of good health all around. (She sounded really awful and I feared she was going to come down with something involving long-term incapacitation like what I just got over, but I should have known better. That doesn't happen to her!)

I picked up her kids so they could play here and she could rest in peace.

The boys played basketball, board games, Guitar Hero, and generally entertained themselves, as usual. Whitney played with Eva in her room, and then they all went outside to play capture the flag. It ended up being a gift to me that Landon and Whitney were here entertaining my kids!

I was so delightfully unneeded that I decided to have my own Creative Friday anyway. It wasn't the same without Jill, of course, but I did manage to be quite productive without all the usual kid interruptions and sent out 10 belated birthday packages! Oh happy day.


Alison said...

Lady, I am going to sound like a commercial, but my Mom turned me onto this foot cream and it is legit: Both my Mom and I suffer from what we fondly call "dinosaur heels" (Eva would approve) and after only a few weeks, my mom's feet looked human again after probably 30 years of scariness. Aptly-named MIRACLE CREAM!

jenn said...

I think I'll have my own creative Friday tomorrow. Or maybe I'll make today creative Thursday! I'm tired of cleaning and shuttling kids. Do I dare pick up my own good lunch too?!

Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

For Jill's heel: I was in Sally Beauty the other day and two ladies were in there buying supplies for their shops. They were talking about how Preparation H (yup, the hemorrhoid cream) was a great treatment for cracked heels. I haven't tried it but maybe it could be a cheap solution for Jill.

Jill said...

How delightful that people are sharing remedies for my poor heel!

It was so nice to have you back to the land of the living (and functioning) that day, but too cruel that I was down for the count the next week. Thank you for taking the kids!

Kelly said...

I loved your line about how your photo trimmings could only be improved upon if the tiny slices were curling tendrils. What is it about curls? I had to empty an adhesive dispenser of its used up tape yesterday, and it all came out in these wonderful curls. I almost hated to throw it away.

Here's hoping this week is a return to healthy Creative Fridays!

Claudissima said...

ohhh that is a very nice sight....sounds like you were super busy and busy good....too bad Jill was under the weather....

Susan said...

Oh, my, those roses! They are absolutely beautiful and intoxicating. I want some.

I have a miracle cure for sure. It's the lachydrin 12% cream. I use it every night on my feet-allover! I don't have any more cracks. It might hurt her at first, but I"m pretty sure it would heal them smooth and soft again! It is a prescription, by the way. I hightly recommend it. In the morning, my feet and legs feel like silk!

HOpe it works.

Denise said...

Why on earth would Jill wish for another heel remedy when the duct tape looks so classy and comfortable?! That photo is totally cracking me up.

I LOVE your photo cards (thanks for my set!) and Jill's are fabulous, too.

I can't believe that the entire beautiful arrangement of flowers all came from your very own yard!

This settles it. I'm putting a pot of pintos on to cook tomorrow. That tostado looks intoxicatingly good.

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love the blogging world when you can ask for help and you receive some suggestions - even for Jill's poor heel! We need a follow up post for what worked for her.. ha!

Loving your cards, stunning!

I say it all the time - so fun that the two of you get together and talk, eat, share and create! Love that!

I so enjoy seeing what you two are making - ...

rebekah said...

The tape works, haters! Here's the deal -- when your foot gets to the point that it's openly cracked and bleeding, cream isn't going to help. The tape forces the crack back together so that you can put pressure on your foot again (you know, for walking purposes). Cream is great for prevention, but in dire straights you have to do something to stabilize the foot so you can continue to live a somewhat normal life as a biped.

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