Monday, April 19, 2010

Creative Friday

Sometimes I do my hair in the morning, and I actually like it. Then I see it in a picture and realize how wrong I was. It appears I'm just doomed when it comes to my hair.

{Jill had to take the picture since my arms are too short to take a self-portrait with my big camera. Seriously. She didn't bring hers because she fears it is dying. Say it isn't so!!! Jill without a camera is too terrible to even contemplate. Send good thoughts her camera's way.}

I think this view of Jill's must be preferable to seeing my many chins when she looks up at me. I recommended she keep her eyes down at table level. You know, for her own good. I'm thoughtful that way.

After a kind of dumb lunch (burritos I threw together), we had no shortage of treats. Jill tried a piece of the chocolate peanut butter cake.

I stuck to the two kinds of homemade cookies! (We had each made cookies that morning. What are the odds?)

I have lots of pictures of Jill writing notes, but that doesn't stop me from taking more. It's just so Jill.

Check out this darling mini composition book she made to send as good mail! Love it. (And her long list of recent good mail sent.)

I'm in love with these photo cards Jill made. I'm quite smitten with my photo cards as well. And any that I receive. You pretty much can't go wrong with photo cards.

One of my favorites – I sent this to the hospice where my grandmother spent her last days to thank them for their wonderful care and facility.

I was pleased and even a little surprised to realize how very therapeutic it was to write thank you notes to various people who provided great service during the time of Grandma's death and funeral. I have been thinking about doing that for a couple of weeks, and actually sitting down and writing them left me feeling much lighter.

Just one of the many benefits of Creative Friday.


patsy said...

Those photo cards are amazing!

would you sell me a set?

Denise said...

I commented on Jill's Creative Friday post that I have also found the writing of funeral thank-you's to be therapeutic. I LOVE your photo cards! I also wrote one to Jenny, my friend and Grandma's hospice nurse the day she died. Expressing gratitude just makes you feel good.

Jill said...

I think my camera is officially dead. I changed the battery but it's wiggging out or not turning on at all. I seriously can't consider the ramifications of this. Not being able to take pictures of my yellow tulips blooming right now is hard enough.

jenn said...

I'm happy that you feel lighter. Creative Friday has been therapeutic in so many ways.

rebekah said...

Really, what would you do if something happened to those famous apples?!

That little notebook of Jill's is too cute. I wish I had a picture encyclopedia of Jill and Michelle projects. That would be so wonderful!

I have full faith that if Jill's camera does, in fact, give up the ghost, she will be blessed with a replacement soon thereafter.

Miranda said...

Your thank you card was gorgeous! I just got done posting it on my inspiration board.

Petey said...

I am also smitten with your photo cards and Jill's mini composition book!

amyfm said...

I am a fan of photo cards myself. Your paris inspired cards are fabulous.

Michelle said...

I love the photo cards. I have saved the ones you've sent me...becuase they make for great art. (Of course, reading the kind words is also a plus!)

Quit taunting everyone with your divine looking cake.

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