Monday, March 22, 2010


This morning, Eva announced that she wanted to go birdwatching.

She drew this picture with several specimens for us to be on the lookout for and identify. Then she requested that I bring my purse, with my camera and tic tacs, in case we got hungry.

First, we sat on the sidewalk underneath our big pine tree. We didn't immediately see any birds, and she was discouraged.

Then, we quietly walked toward the bird songs we heard, and we saw some robins and sparrows.

more bird evidence

We saw a large bird that we couldn't identify that made an interesting call, somewhat reminiscent of a woodpecker.

Then, our neighbor Harrison came out to check his mail. He invited us into his backyard.

He and Eva jumped on the trampoline and made sand castles and invented games that included a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a Care Bear, and a zebra. (Just one of many reasons that she needs to play her imaginative games with other children – they're so much better at it than I am!)

She forgot all about birdwatching. (Until tonight, when she told me how disappointing it was that we didn't find any doves today.)


Kelly said...

Look at your sassy nails! So fun!

You guys need to come here -- I think the birds are still south for winter. PQ and Eva could birdwatch to their hearts content!

Jill said...

This sounds like a fun, spring outing, especially since it ended with imaginative play with a friend.

Liz said...

Love that she thought this idea up all on her own.

Looks like she had a lovely time playing imaginary games with her friend. Kids imaginations are so vivid! I love watching them when they are deep into some imaginary world, and they don't even realize you are listening in. So fun!

Denise said...

My first thought, upon reading this post, was that you are such a patient mother--the sort I wish had been more like when my children were little.

Eva never ceases to crack me up with her schemes and plans!

rebekah said...

You have the patience of a saint and a heart of gold.

One of our partners retired last week and as part of his retirement gift the firm bought him an $8,000 lens for his camera because he likes to take pictures of birds. It came in its own little suitcase with wheels, but I'm wondering how he's going to cart it out to the marshes on his little expeditions. That stinker was huge and heavy, and he's no spring chicken.

I wonder what I'll get when I retire one day...I'm not going to get my hopes up for something so extravagant!

jenn said...

Ditto to Denise's comment.

Susan said...

I,of course, thought the same thing as Denise on both accounts.

How I wish Eva would have been with me today! A large wild turkey was strutting around out new parking lot! She came right up to the window and wasn't frightened at all with our close proximity. She pecked at the window and gobbled! A bit later, we saw her sitting ON TOP of Ryan's car! Ryan fed her some kind of wild grass and she ate out of his hand! Oh, it was very entertaining. Not sure what happened to her or where she went, but she stuck around for most of the day. Be sure to give Eva the report!

Michelle said...

I was hoping you would see the kind of birds she had drawn - that would be worthy of television coverage!

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