Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's day

Eva had her preschool Valentine's party on Wednesday. She had to wear her red polka dot outfit, red shoes, and valentine ribbons. She could not have been more thrilled with the whole experience. (She handed out Posh Puppy valentines, which included stickers for decorating the puppies, thus making them even more posh. It was all very Fancy Nancy.)

Lucas's party was on Friday (after a cross-country skiing field trip). He decorated his valentine box in true Lucas-style: covered with gray paper with writing all over.

On Saturday, Emily & Charlotte came over to make sugar cookies. We made Denise's recipe and Miranda's recipe. (Denise's were my favorite. I just like the thinner ones best. I do enjoy not having to chill the dough, however. Plus, I think I did something wrong with Miranda's recipe, because I had to put in a LOT more flour than the recipe called for.)

Anyway. It was fun to make two different kinds, but we made a lot a lot of cookies! So many, in fact, that Charlotte & Emily had to leave before we did anything more than basic frosting. That, combined with the fact that I ran out of powdered sugar (despite having 2 2-pound bags!) meant that I didn't do any fancy piping this year. Oh well.

Having Charlotte & Emily around is so fun, for a lot of reasons. First of all, they are just great company in their own right. Secondly, it is almost like having Denise around. They have her sense of humor, and even their arms and hands look like hers!

I love that Emily brings her knitting everywhere she goes. So that's how she gets so much done! (Although we did agree that we are not okay with taking knitting to class or to church...)

We made white, pale pink, and slightly darker pink frostings. The frosting is definitely my favorite part of sugar cookies. To me, there's just no point in eating them without frosting.

Eva went hog wild with sprinkles, but then was highly disturbed with the stickiness of her hands. She took multiple hand-washing breaks.

I made these heart bean bags for my Primary class. I gave them all instructions to perform an act of kindness for a member of their families and then to place the heart on that person's pillow. We shall see.

Yesterday, Marc gave me a new Lisa Leonard necklace for my valentine gift. The man knows how to choose a great gift!

I gave him a homemade valentine and a booklet of love coupons. I have good intentions, but not as good on the follow-through...

We got a package from my mom today. Everyone was so excited! She sent several different kinds of candies, Hello Kitty valentines for Eva (as well as a cute notebook and heart post-its), iTunes cards for the boys, and coasters and to-die-for bowls for me.

She knows me so well! You can't really tell the scale, but these are tiny, like prep bowls. The cutest prep bowls you have ever seen.

You've gotta love it when a holiday lasts for a week or so instead of just one day.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cute, cute, cute. I love the bean bags, the bowls, the coupon book for Marc. Very exciting.

The peeper is also exciting but not in a good way.

rebekah said...

Such a beautiful, beautiful life with so many beautiful people in it. You could build a lifestyle magazine off of material like this!

If I was a primary child, I don't think I would be able to part with such a cute bean bag heart.

That lip stamp is awesome!

Your mom gives the best plates and bowls. She has a knack for dishes!

Natasha said...

I gave Kim that washer necklace for valentine's day too! Hers says her word of the year, family.

rebekah said...

Wait a second, did you make those hearts out of the felt you bought in Paris? Oh, you are a kind, kind, generous and loving primary teacher!

Jill said...

Wow, making two sugar cookies recipes is quite the task, no wonder you guys didn't get past the basic frosting stage.

Neither of my kids got to make Valentine boxes, they both had pouch envelopes they made at school, lame.

Wow, 2 2-pound bags of powdered sugar, that's crazy!

I like Emily's bow ring!

The bean bags are darling!

Miranda said...

Ahhh...such pretty pictures! I'm so sorry to hear that something went wrong with my recipe! It is certainly not the kind that pulls away from the sides of the bowl while you're mixing, and I usually use A LOT of flour when I'm rolling them out. Oh well. It is totally awesome that you tried it anyway!

Michelle said...

The cookies look divine. They don't need fancy piping. Having reached a challenging point in my dieting anything home-baked looks heavenly.

I loved Lucas's valentine's box - very low maintenance!

emily said...

I love Eva's Valentine's outfit! I also enjoyed reading Lucas' box. I can totally hear him saying all those things.

I love your Valentine's gifts! Can I join your primary class? Did you end up taking them cookies, too?

And of course, your Mom's package rocks. My Mom sends me more than candy for Valentines, too, and I love it!

love you!

Kelly said...

Ooh, your comment box tidbit has me officially creeped. A few years ago I saw someone out taking pictures of my house, and I got brave (totally unlike me) and marched right out there to ask him what he was doing. He was a home appraiser and was taking photos of comparable properties, so maybe that's what is up. But peering into the back yard? Hmm.

Your prep bowls are deadly cute! What a nice package from your mom. My mom sent a package to my girls, and Keith accidentally threw Avery's gift away thinking it was part of the packaging (she wasn't home when we opened the box). Too sad!

I love the heart bean bags! Such a perfect idea.

charlotte said...

"almost like having Denise around"--a compliment in the highest regard! I love coming over to your house--you make it feel like home for me.

And I love Lucas's valentine box; the writing is not very lovey, but what you can say: he's a boy.

I love the necklace Marc gave you. How thoughtful!

Tasha said...

It all looks wonderful! Eva is getting so big! What size is she in? Stella is growing so fast, we may have some nice, barely worn things to pass on. Your mom knows the way to MY heart that's for sure!
Happy Valentine's day!

Amy said...

I'm jealous that you have Charlotte and Emily! I want some cute young cousins to hang out with and do fun homey things with! I definitely don't have any that fit the bill living close enough to me. Fun Valentine's week and a package from your mom!? I think you definitely deserved that!

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