Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I still have a couple of posts about Paris kicking around in my head. To wit, some Parisian trends I noted:

  • Fur. Real or fake. In all colors. Fur scarves, fur-lined coats, and especially fur vests. They were everywhere, even in baby sizes.
  • Flocked trees in all colors.
  • Leggings. I even saw a couple of women wearing them with short shirts and nothing else. I think that's taking a trend a bit far!
  • Tulle skirts -- one of my favorite things -- in all lengths, including floor-length. (I'm determined to figure out how to make one like this.)
  • Homemade marshmallows. (I'm also determined to try these.)

  • Ruffles. On everything. This is a trend I can really get behind!
  • Winter coats with wide belts. You need a waist to pull off this style.
  • Silhouettes.
  • Puffy coats. The puffiest.
  • Tall boots.
  • Long, curly hair, quite often in a loose ponytail. Wouldn't you know it, I cut my long, curly hair in favor of short, straight hair, just in time to go where everyone has long, curly hair. Of course I spent my entire time in Paris bemoaning my hairstyle (which is the story of my life).
  • Pop rocks. In chocolate, in pastries. Doesn't interest me in the least.
And finally, some things that are not really trends because they are always in style in Paris:


Some things never change.


Jill said...

I don't think I could get away with wearing anything fur lined, and I'm not sure that I'd like to try either.

I love the tulle skirts!

I don't know that I can wear ruffles either.

It's very pleasing to see Paris photos again.

Dana said...

Try these homemade marshmallows...nom nom! I have tried everything in their shop. SO good!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Sometimes I just don't get fashion. No. Let me correct that statement. I seldom get fashion. One minute it's inhumane to have furs or faux furs, the next year it is okay. I'm glad to see furs are on the market again (there's a bit too much frontiersman in my blood, I fear).

The tule skirts are darling. It makes me giggle to imagine me in one.

You look so pretty in ruffles. They are so feminine and fit you well.

lelly said...

i made a tulle skirt (ball gown length) for a formal several years ago. i think i might pull it out and revamp it at a casual length!

LOVE homemade marshmallows. with a good mixer, they are easy to make.

bring on the ruffles! i really am in love with the very feminine ruffle neckline (like the one you have pictured here). i cringe when i think of Pirate-y ruffles, though. does that make sense?

funny... jack's science experiment includes pop rocks.

all i can say is, ooh-la-la!!

Michelle said...

I feel very happy that you have an "I adore ruffles" label. I also adore ruffles, but feel like I can't pull them off with the same panache you do!

I wonder how many homes we will see with bright pink flocked trees. Eva would love that!

Claudissima said...

HEY i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. RUFFLES, FUR FUR FUR FUR FUR FUR FUR FUR FUR FUR YES!!! I guess i have always been close to animals...especially living in Barcelona and seeing all these women step in the supermarche with their furs...oh la la ......I don't care if they are fake or real, I love them all! Great photos and lets work on the waist thing this year! yeah!

patsy said...

I love all these. I could never in a million year pull off a fashion trend... but it does sound dreamy.

I love the tall boots & ruffles & scarves-- I love it all.

shannon said...

While I love seeing the pictures of all of these fabulous trends, I myself am so not a trend setter...I like being around people who are, though--:)

Don't waste your time on homemade marshmellows...they aren't worth the hassle...seriously!

shannon said...

I'm loving those flocked trees!!!

rebekah said...

The fur trend is not something I would have predicted. Hmm, the pink fur reminds me a bit of a Fraggle.

I too have seen women wearing leggings and t-shirts or blouses. Seems a bit too much to me as well.

I want a tulle skirt now. I'm sure I'd look even larger in one, but come one, they are so fun!

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