Friday, December 18, 2009


and it feels so good!!

Creative Friday is back, baby. I felt giddy all morning, waiting for Jill to arrive. I feel like I'm officially back now, too!

I made bread yesterday. And cookies. (Lucas was over the moon about me making bread and cookies in the same day. What can I say? I've been reunited with my KitchenAid as well.)

So we had cookies and a cheeseball, just because I saw it at the store and it looked so good. (Can you believe they sell them with almonds on the outside and without? I mean, what is the point without the almond crunch?!)

The first Sonic drink I've had since our return. Oh yeah, baby.

Jill addressed the envelopes for all of her Christmas cards, which are still in production. I was seriously impressed, as that always feels like quite an endeavor to me.

I was planning to work on Christmas cards as well, but ours haven't arrived yet, so I made some gift tags instead.

Eva was on us like glue today. I swear she only stopped talking when she needed air. It's really hard to carry on a conversation what with all the constant interruptions. Good grief!

Jill let Eva draw a picture on one of her envelopes, one destined for her sister. After that, Eva had to make a Christmas card of her own for said sister. I found it hilarious that she was determined to do that, but when I suggested making Christmas cards as a boredom solution yesterday, she wasn't having it at all. The power of Jill.

How much do I love this??

She donned her Santa hat and turned to the Wii much too late in the day for my liking, but at least we had a brief respite from the chatter...

Creative Friday rocks!!


Miranda said...

Oh bravo. I'm so happy that you're home and back to your creative Fridays. Loving the hair color btw.

Liz said...

Oh you've been busy in the kitchen!!

I really love the nuts on cheese balls! My kids hate nuts...I don't know what is wrong with them!!??

Your hair looks really great in the spt of you and Jill. It looks darker? Did you do some color? I like it!

Jill said...

The cookies, the cheese ball and the pasta for lunch were all fantastic! It was like a Creative Friday Welcome Home Party or something.

Your tags turned out so, so cute, and I'm feeling like my Christmas Card load is slightly lighter now that most of the envelopes are done. Hooray for the return of creative productivity!

It was nice that Eva was happy and not whiny at all, but I really don't think she ever don't a breath. Maybe you and I will have start writing each other notes to communicate.

charlotte said...

I love having Creative Friday posts back! I'm sure that returning to Creative Fridays is the sure mark that you're back in the States!

patsy said...

Hooray for the return of Creative Friday!!!! YES- there is nothing better :)

I am going to run out & buy a cheese ball today- thank you very much- I make a great one but know where I can get one just like yours & it looks ssoooo gooood! mmm.
I am impressed with your cookies & bread making- I keep thinking I am going to make bread but I just don't feel good.

can I say- I am so happy you are home, it makes me happy to think of you & jill together on friday again :)

crystal said...

1. You must have raced to the nearest US Beauty Parlor because your BROWS LOOK FANTASTIC, and your HAIR IS GLEAMING WITH RICH MAHOGANY GOODNESS!

2. Who says "beauty parlor" anymore? Not me, even! Don't know why I typed it, but i like it.

3. Love that shade of lipstick. Twig? I've asked you that before, probably on this very shade. Anyhow, it's perfect on you.

4. That card from Eva is delicious. Ah, smotherhood. (have i ever told you how much i relish the genius of that term?)

5. I will pay her $5 to make me a card, too.

6. I am hard-up for friends, yes.

7. xoxo

8. Merry Christmas!

wende said...

i love kid writing - it's the best. makes my heart pitter patter a little bit. and i love that santa hat, but it wouldn't be near as cute without the sweet eva underneath it.

so glad you're back in business!

rebekah said...

Eva rules with an iron fist. How can one so tiny cause so many to fall into her orbit? My niece's new thing is to yell, 'No! That is for Mo-wee! MINE!' Suffer the children...But that card is just adorable. That's how the children do it -- they push you to the edge, but then they're so stinking cute that you have to love them.

I was going to do cards this year, but then I felt lame about it, so I didn't. Oh well.

Claudissima said...

YESSSSSSSSS, how fun, i llove the picture of eva by the christmas nice to just relax and have a cool day. I love love love love love the cheese ball....ohhhhhhh myyyyyy gosshhhhhhhh.

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