Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the last Friday Flânerie

My last Friday in Paris was a shopping day.

First, I went to check out this store that Amy Hanks emailed me about:

It is a fun store jam-packed with a huge variety of stuff: buttons, tea towels, signs, old notebooks, sacks, labels, bowls, thread, maps... just a big hodge-podge.

When I was there, there was a group of 4 American women who were in Paris on a buying trip. They were obviously buying things to resell at home. There was also a French woman in the very tiny shop. It was hard to move, let alone look into all of the drawers of goodness. Also, the owner was trying to close for her lunch hour, and the Americans kept asking her how much things were and how much she would sell them for if they bought 10? How about 15? For all of these reasons, I didn't stay as long as I otherwise would have.

I am a sucker for these vintage off-white/red tea towels. I bought a few while in Paris this time, thinking I could start a collection.

I only saw a couple of things that I hadn't already seen at the flea market for a lower price, but I did end up buying some cool old graph paper cards, monogrammed ribbon, and some labels. Fun store!

I passed by a bakery with these super-sized marshmallows in the window. I'm not a huge marshmallow fan, but I enjoyed the display.

And what would Friday Flânerie be without admiring some flowers? I especially love the pale green ones!

I debated between getting a sesame/camembert sandwich from Paul or trying out a promising-looking bakery for lunch. I went with the bakery and it was disappointing. This pistachio "escargot" was pretty good, however.

Just had to document this all-too familiar sight. Public bathrooms are rare enough in Paris, and then they are so often barricaded and/or out of order. I'm just glad that I don't have a puppy bladder, so it's not usually a problem for me. What does everyone else do?

It tickled my fancy to see this old man and the pigeons hanging out by these outdoor Christmas trees. When my parents were here, we were thinking that Paris didn't have a whole lot of Christmas stuff around. But on December 1st, suddenly it was everywhere.

I went to the rue de Rivoli to do some shopping. This McDonald's cracks me up -- it has to be the most sophisticated McDonald's ever. Well, maybe a tie with the one on the Champs-Elysées.

I decided to stop at Angelina, which is a tea room famous for its hot chocolate. I had been there once before -- my parents took us there the last time they visited, and we were disappointed, but it wasn't very hot -- and I wanted to give it another shot. Plus, it was cold outside.

It was piping hot and delicious. Very rich and very thick, plenty of whipped cream. Yum. The perfect shopping break.

It's not cheap, however!

I love the awnings and the shadows of the great lanterns on the rue de Rivoli.

I walked by this motorcycle and was struck by the reflection in its mirror.

A temporary ferris wheel is installed for the holidays at Place de la Concorde. It's one of those huge kinds like the London Eye. I find it picturesque, but I had no desire to ride on it. (Marc took all of his students for a ride.)

I walked through the Tuileries, just because it's such a beautiful place.

Paris has a way with street lights.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean, but of course I like it. I just love words, I guess.

I found this statue I'd never seen before. I think it is joyous.

Dried autumn leaves pounded into the sandy ground.

So this is what it's like staying in a 5-star hotel...

Apparently moss stops me in my tracks.

If I were rich and thin, I would buy this outfit!

I saw one of these funny space invader guys that are hidden all around the city.

I then went to Montparnasse and finished up my shopping, then returned home, exhausted, for dinner. That night, we had a family outing (post to come).

Au revoir, Friday Flâneries!


Tracy said...

I would like to thank you so very much for taking me to Paris with you! I have never been and always wanted to go. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful. You captured everything I wanted to see. I found it so interesting to see the landscape, landmarks, art, stores and shops and ahh the food.
I truly enjoy your blog and wanted to thank you and wish you and your family A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Health New Year.


Melinda said...

If I were rich and skinny I would buy that outfit also! Oh, the amount of clothes I would have.

I really like that sculpture of the hands.

You couldn't pay me to go on that ferris wheel.

Jill said...

Oh my, I'm sad that your Friday Flaneries are over, they have been so wonderful to read about and see. Your pictures have been so gorgeous and this time you have several that made me gasp (the roses, the shadow of the awning, the reflection in the motorcycle mirror, and the ferris wheel shot). It's painful really.

shannon said...

Hello, my friend...I have been without a computer for 3 1/2 weeks and I feel so frustrated and out of the loop...

Your pictures are so classy, and unique, and fabulous! I love seeing these sights through your eyes...The roses are crazy gorgeous! and that moss...oh my goodness...that would have stopped me in my tracks as well...

I am inspired by your Friday flanaries...something tells me that you will continue these once you return to Utah...

I enjoyed Jill's post after she got home from her trip to Paris when she ventured off on her own little Friday flanerie...

Are you going to compile a book of your time spent in Paris?...you have truly captured the true feeling of that experience....

{natalie} said...

i have loved your Paris posts, especially your Fridays. The photos are awesome as always. I don't know if I would have been able to not purchase those white and orange bowls in the first photo.

I also love the red piano in the post below.

hope everyone is feeling better!

Anne said...

Oh my! Please tell me you plan on printing and framing the motorcycle reflection photo. It is so so great!

Susan said...

Now that sounds like the perfect day! Glad you could enjoy it with the threat of stressful leaving preparations looming...

I love the moss to death. We are kindred spirits about moss, to be sure!

I love that you love the stylish and sophisticated jeans. How well I know that wistfull "if I were thin" desire for stylish clothes that others wear...

The statuary was delightful, it could have been on Temple Square!

These Friday Flaneries have been so enteraining and inspiring. I feel a little nostalgic reliving the city through the report.

Au revoir.

Susan said...


Fabulous new banner!!

rebekah said...

Moss is just wonderful.

I can't buy you that outfit, but I am willing to Bedazzle an Old Navy hoodie for you. LMK. I think it would look hawt. (youth speak)

Claudissima said...

oh my my my my I think I was waiting for you to go to Champs-Elysées or something....ohhhh there is just sooooo much to see! SOO MUCH lovely lovely lovely photos....amazing

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