Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Creative Friday

Creative Friday is the best reward after a busy week!

We had a quick, dumb lunch of taquitos, and then raspberries and cream for dessert. I like to think the raspberries made up for the dumb lunch. Ambrosia! (raspberries courtesy of my visiting teacher)

We had a bit of a late start due to my need to do a longish mall errand. Jill got right down to business.

{This is actually from last week's Creative Friday -- I love it when Jill makes cd's and puts quotes on them! Good mail labels to go with them, what could be better?}

I decided to make some little birthday enclosure cards. I haven't stamped in a very long time, so I kept it simple.

These little glitter glues are my favorite -- a little sparkle makes everything more fun! (I had to remind Eva that these ones are mine, all mine. She's quite a fan of glitter glue as well.)

Jill was using this delightful spool of green ribbon to tie up her birthday gifts. So pleasing!

Even though we had a shortened C.F. and all my kids were underfoot, it was still good. I never ever regret Creative Friday!

We had a visit from the Denver contingent as Denise was here getting Charlotte and Emily settled in for the new school year. They weren't here for very long, but Emily still managed to get me on track with my knitting project! (I had to put it on hold until her return because I was so frustrated. Thanks, Em!)

It was actually kind of hard seeing some of my favorite people for such a brief time -- Denise went back home and I won't be seeing Charlotte and Emily much now that we're leaving for Paris. Man, I love my family. It's fun that Jill knows them, too. She is so good about reading blogs and being connected!

Creative Friday, I will really miss you.


everything pink! said...

what me first again!! wow two in a week.

i love how you say you were keeping it simple with the stamping, but still used the glitter.

great group photo and yummy rasberries.

Michelle said...

Good luck keeping the glue from Eva - I'm glad you can get some more creative time in before leaving!

Jill said...

I haven't seen several of these Creative Friday photos, so this post was a delightful surprise for me to read.

I love your little glittery polka-dots on those cards!

Marie said...

Your birthday cards are adorable.

How long are you in Paris?

shannon said...

And we will miss your Creative Friday recaps!

So glad you decided to keep your stamping project simple! :( Gese, Louise, I'd like to see what your fancy stuff looks like...those were so cute...

That spool of chartreuse ribbon makes me just plain happy!

jenn said...

I've used stamps lately but not glitter glue. In fact- I don't recall ever using glitter glue. I'll have to give it a try because the sparkles really do make it perfect!

April said...


(And may I just say, I wish I had your gift for what you call "simple." I thought they were masterpieces.)

rebekah said...

Oh, that glitter glue reminds me of puff paints! Those were the days. I've got to get my hands on some again just to play around with.

amy m said...

I agree with what Jill said on her post. It's good to see you stamping again.

Denise said...

"Man, I love my family," too! I'm so glad I got to see you, if even for a brief time. I've been behind on blogging (reading and writing) but wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and praying for your ability to continue sprinting to the finish line. Love you!

Claudissima said...

ohhhh what a cute cute picture, at the end.....lovely, and the little cards, with the stamp....soooo do have a way with, I haven't been back for a creative friday! i was sure, I was going to squeeze a trip to utah, before the wrong I was......cute green ribbon!

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