Monday, August 10, 2009

miscellaneous Monday

- Eva and Lucas went to the dentist on Thursday. Before we went, Eva was chatting me up about how nice the dentist is, how much she likes to go there, and what a good patient she is. Famous last words.

She changed her tune when they wanted her to swish some purple liquid in her mouth to show where she needs to improve her (our) brushing habits. She just couldn't bring herself to do it, and they finally gave up. Then she had to get x-rays. Whoa, Nelly! That's when the screaming began, and they had to get out the big guns (the dentist himself). No cavities, though, so at least there was some good news.

We found out that Lucas has to have another tooth pulled before we leave for Paris. A permanent tooth is coming in all skewampus because the baby tooth is still firmly in place. I swear my kids just don't lose their teeth! Luckily he's been through it before and knows it won't be a big deal.

- After picking Jessie and her girls up at the airport on Friday, we met Jill, Hannah, and Tasha at McDonald's. We never go to McDonald's, so it was kind of funny to meet up there, but even Lucas, Landon, and Whitney went off and played while we talked.

- Jessie spotted this license plate on the way home and with lightning reflexes got a picture of it for Max. It's just the kind of geeky thing he appreciates.

- Eva and Bella have been sleeping in Eva's bed together, heads at opposite ends. I'm not sure when the trundle bed lost its appeal, but it's pretty cute to see them snuggling up together. We have to keep going in to tell them to stop talking and go to sleep -- last night I started walking down the hall for about the 5th time and Eva saw me coming and flopped down on her pillow as fast as she could, eyes closed. It's exasperating, but funny.

- Jessie and I went to JoAnn's to get some fabrics for a lap quilt she wants to make. We saw a girl wearing these slippers in the store and thought it was too funny. She wasn't wearing pajamas, just regular clothes and fuzzy slippers. Oh, and she had an up-do. (I pretended to be taking pictures of cute Fiona to throw her off the scent...)

- The girls love playing at the top of the stairs. This is the scene I came upon yesterday. I love it.

- Fiona has had a runny nose and has been very out of sorts for a couple of days. We think she's teething. Lucas woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. I gave him allergy medicine.

Then suddenly this evening, Lucas got a fever (just four days before his birthday, no less). We felt Fiona and she was warm as well. Then we remembered that several families in our neighborhood have had swine flu recently, and now we're trying not to get worked up over nothing. (It's nothing, right??)

We instructed the girls to stay far away and we got out the can of Lysol...

- I think I've made peace with my hair. After feeling physically ill for a couple of days and then trying about 5 different ways to style it, I think I've finally found something I can live with. My boys told me I don't look frumpy. I know Marc doesn't love it, but my Young Women like it, so that's something. At least I don't feel like I look like a grandma anymore!


Kristy said...

Eva cracks me up! I know it wasn't funny for you at the dentist but it's just so 4 year old to talk about it all the way there and then act the opposite. I had a cousin who used to throw up every time we went to the dentist. My grandmother would take us and she finally got to where she refused to take him anymore!

I think your hair looks good. It always just takes some time to get used to a new cut.

Can you imagine wearing those slippers out of the house and not feeling self conscious? It's not like they're not very noticeable.

Have a great week!

lelly said...

you are adorable!!

i love the photo of marc reading to the girls. so sweet. (kinda makes you forget about the exasperating, huh?)

i am now convinced that i must drive to charlotte and meet jesse!!

Hannah said...

You are so gorgeous Michelle. I like this style and that you have made peace with it!

It isn't the swine need to panic. It seems cruel that your household wasn't spared illness during Jessie's seemingly trip.

Eva and Bella are so going to miss each other. Having a constant companion at that age would be so fun.

While I have worn slippers with jeans to the store before, they are discreet. Though throwing caution to the wind and wearing those could be liberating.

McDonald's was such a random place to meet up, but it kept the kids busy. I am so glad it worked out!

I can't imagine Eva liking the dentist. Mya does okay, but it takes a lot of bribery!

Esther said...

Your hair looks really cute and stylish. I guess we all have to break from the mold from time to time to reinvent ourselves.

My daughter says the same thing about the dentist and half way through the appointment, she decides otherwise.

Jill said...

This was a highly enjoyable post!

It's funny, yet not, that Eva thinks she's a good patient for the dentist. Does she think she's a good sleeper and good eater too?

I think the photo of us at McDonald's is pretty cute, but Fiona cracks me up. I wonder what she thought we were doing?

I wish I loved math!

It's so cute that the girls have been sleeping together in Eva's bed. I wonder what it is they talk about for so long. Perhaps you should shoot some stealthy video so we can hear them.

The fuzzy slippers at Joann's are too cute. I'm glad she was wearing normal clothes and not jammies. Do you think she forgot to take them off or she just loves them? I can't imagine wearing anything that warm on my feet in the summer...or winter really.

I love the stuffed animal tea party going on! That bunny stuffed animal looks real!

I really, really, really, really hope Fiona and Lucas don't end up having the Swine flu or any flu!! That would just be too cruel, unless Jessie had to stay longer of course.

Hooray for making peace with your hair! I think it looks cute, and I'm really impressed with your hair styling skills. I don't have any skills in that area so I would have been hosed.

April said...

Your hair is seriously chic!

I love it! (I've been dying for a picture, but not wanting to push you, you know? It was worth the wait.) Ooo,la, out Paris!

Petey said...

its not even close to frumpy :)

Tasha said...

I LOVE your hair like that! When I was sick, the doc told me that if you have been to the grocery store or walmrt, etc, you've been exposed to the swine flu and unless you are immuno compromised you are probably ok.

I hope everyone stays well. Lets get together soon! Tell Jessie safe travels for me!

Price Cream Parlor said...

I think your hair is totally cute!

SOOO fun that Eva has a cousin her age! Looks like they had a grand time!

I don't get people who wear slippers outside and then in their homes?!

I, too, wish I loved math!

Hope you guys are healthy and well now...

shannon said...

I recently had a "whoa, nelly" at the dentist with my daughter, Reilly. Let's just say that I hope her stubborness serves her well at some point in her life!

I like the picture of Marc reading to the girls. I found myself fixating on the pink chenille polka dot divine!

I love your hair, Michelle! I really think you look great!

When I got my hair cut last summer, I remember being really pumped up about it because my mom and sisters were gushing over it. When I e-mailed a pictue of my new look onto Brian (I was visiting at my mom's at the time) he just said, "It wouldn't be my first choice". Since he never says he doesn't like something, that, for him, was a hair slam! I always feel like I have no pants on whenever I first get my hair cut--

In the days when I wore my hair Dallas Texas "BIG", I remember a time when I got my hair cut short and feeling like Samson losing all his that crazy or what?

crystal said...

I love that photo of the pets having tea! So darling.

And please. Your hair has sass. Besides, would you JUST look at those brows????!!! (I always notice good brows because I hate mine. Want to shape mine for me? Because yours are beautiful; do you do them yourself?)

So, yes. I love the hair in this photo. You're a pretty lady, with an aura of tranquil glow about you.

jenn said...

LOVE the straight with a little flip out... definitely sassy!

The tea party at the top of the stairs warms my heart!! My girls are past that- sigh.

We're attempting the dentist today (times 3 kids). Ethan has no delusions about being a "good" patient-he is not and he is not happy we are going, but alas, it must be done. Wish us luck!

Ryann said...

I think you look fantastic!

Jen said...

i love your hair! it's cute! i hadn't seen a FULL picture of it until now! :)

this post has great pictures. i love how you document things.

kellen refused the dentist on tuesday. i was so irritated. no x-rays, no cleaning. i was TICKED! if the child gets cavities in the next 6 months, it's his fault!!! ugh!

speaking of hair- i gotta do something about mine. i tried "tousling" it today- seduced by a commercial for didn't go well. the neighbor boy just told me, "your hair so messy!!!" nice.

rebekah said...

I'm first and foremost extremely happy that you've made peace with your hair. It does look very cute in that photo, so I'm hoping that the worst is far behind you! I hope Paris won't be humid by the time you get there. That would just be cruel.

everything pink! said...

i really love the hair and it reminds me of how it looked after your freshman year, think that was the year it came back short ans was so darling I really like it.

everything pink! said...

i really love the hair and it reminds me of how it looked after your freshman year, think that was the year it came back short ans was so darling I really like it.

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