Saturday, August 22, 2009

countdown to Paris

I've decided that the hardest thing about getting ready to leave the country for several months is that life gets in the way. Everything doesn't come to a stop so that we can get down to the business of preparation -- I still have to contend with cello lessons, piano lessons, YW lessons and activities, visiting teaching, laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, etc. etc... So I have to try to knock things off my pre-Paris to-do lists on top of all the normal life stuff, and that can be quite stressful.

Here's where I stand at T-15 days.

My list from July 16 (bolded items completed)
  • clean out the abominable garage!! (AGAIN)
  • get to the bottom of the water leak that we have somewhere, causing our meter to run constantly
  • dentist appointments
  • doctor appointment
  • get my car fixed
  • either get the sprinklers fixed or become hose-draggers again
  • figure out a way to get 3 months worth of prescriptions, when the insurance company is not entirely cooperative
  • get the house organized and ready for a new tenant (our neighbor's daughter is going to live here and take care of the dog for us)
  • put my studio back together (still a post-flood disaster)
  • pack up and store stuff we're not taking so that said tenant will have room for her own stuff (this does NOT include furniture, thank goodness!)
  • help Lucas finish all the Bear requirements for Cub Scouts
  • plan Lucas's birthday party, gifts, etc.
  • figure out how to get Max's school requirements taken care of (we're trying to do electronic high school, but it is nearly impossible to get into any classes! -- this one is stressing me out)
  • get seminary manual for Max
  • get new shoes for me
  • find and download some iPod Touch apps to keep Eva busy on the plane
  • thoroughly clean the whole house
  • pack
My current list: (edited 8/25)
  • Find new jeans for Max (not easy to do, as he wears a 28x32!)
  • Find camera bag for Max
  • Buy book club books
  • Buy books for Max's English class
  • Find someone to talk to about Electronic High School so that Max can get his remaining classes squared away
  • Buy medicines for the children
  • Pack up clothes we are not taking with us
  • Empty out closet and dresser space for new tenants
  • Resolve the FSA documentation problem
  • Return items to a couple of stores
  • Check to see if our suitcases are in suitably good condition
  • Make a tulle skirt for Eva?? (probably no time)
  • Make a sample apron for YW and teach the girls how to do it over the next 2 activities
  • Take a package to the UPS store
  • Buy new shoes for Lucas
  • Clean out pantry
  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean shutters
  • Get the vacuum repaired
  • Get a pedicure! (maybe not enough time)
  • Clean entire house
  • Pack everything we need for 3 months in 2 suitcases apiece

I'm sure I've forgotten something. I keep adding new things to my list just about as fast as I'm crossing them off. Why are we doing this again??

**Edited to add: I also have to prepare a talk for sacrament meeting next week on -- wait for it -- HOME TEACHING! Good grief.


patsy said...

oh my gosh-
what a list!!

My fingers are crossed that you get it all done- even the pedicure. I am so thrilled for your family- this time the boys will remember it so much more. It's a great opportunity & truthfully I am a little (just a little after that list) green with envy :)

charlotte said...

Oh my! That is quite the list. However, having a list does always make me feel better and more in control. When Em and I get there, let me know if there's anything we can do to help you out! We can come and help pack, take the kids out for ice cream, whatever. Please take us up on that! Love you!

lelly said...

so many words come to mind after reading this:
pace yourself!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Does it help if I say I'm overwhelmed FOR you. Mercy me you have your work cut out for you.

Kim Sue said...

I know there are some things that only you can take care of but there are several things on your list that I know friends would help you with.

I KNOW there is a friend or two that would go to the bkstore for you! And I bet there are a couple more that would be glad to clean out the fridge/pantry/closet for you!

Send Max with someone else for the jeans expedition, I bet he makes his own mind up, right? He just needs a driver

Jill said...

Maybe you should start putting my name next to some of these tasks so I can be your second self and get items done while you're out doing the ones I can't do for you!

Natasha said...

This is a rather daunting list but look at it like this - us moms do so much EACH DAY that we would be exhausted just looking at a list of all the tasks we do daily without even realizing. By 5:45 a.m., three days a week I am already in my car almost to work, have prepared my breakfast and packed a lunch, packed the kids snacks in their school bags, laid out clean uniforms, put a load of clothes in the dryer, done some paperwork. . . .
You can do it, especially when you have friends like Jill volunteering to help. I have told Jill many times that I love how the people in her (and your) circle help each other out - it isn't like that here. People would rather just hire help and I find that so sad. I know all of the packing, organizing, and all of it will be so well worth it once you arrive in Paris. I for one am trying to control my JEALOUSY!

crystal said...

I think the thing that would stress me out the most is trying to be involved in YW this entire time. Seriously? Can't they love you from afar?

Remember to find a sturdy piece of luggage for me to ball up's a long flight! Throw a blankie and some wheat thins into it & I should be good to go for my stowaway journey.

Petey said...

this sounds like your version of my finals week.
Just remember how great it will feel when everything is done and your on your way.
You can do it!

Amy said...

Wow. That's a whole lot of list. But I do see a nice pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. I'll be wishing you extra measures of energy for the next two weeks!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

What a list but you can do it!! I am sure it is a big job just to get to Paris but just remember that you get the chance to do this and that your kids get the opportunity to do it too. What an amazing adventure!!

Susan said...

D0n't you have "Medco" for prescriptions? It's the mail-order service, it's cheaper and all scripts are filled for three months at a time!

HELLO! Use my ups number and let them come to you! That is one way I could help..,.

I love that Jill! Putting her name on several just might have to be an option....all I can say is, you can't add anything to that list, and how probable is that??!

everything pink! said...

tulle skirts are at gymboree and would save you ton of time. and it is all 30% off until tonight.

Kristy said...

WOW! I can't imagine having this list but I know you'll get it all done and be ready to go!

April said...

I always feel like this when we have a big roadtrip coming. I can't imagine leaving the country for months. And I always wonder why we are going. And then we go and I wonder why we would ever go back. It will be magic!!

I am also thinking that just living in Paris might be education enough for Max. I can't believe the school district would not agree with me. I am always right about everything.

Gail VanWagoner said...

don't skip the pedicure!!!! you are going to need it after getting all of that other stuff done. Also, have you considered buying an Amazon Kindle for the books you want to read. It is expensive, but would save you a ton of suitcase room. I have had one for almost 2 years now and love it. While it Paris you can still buy books for it and just down load them from your computer. Good Luck.

Kim Sue said...

I came back to tell you I saw an advertisement for tulle skirts at Gymboree {and I thought of sweet Eva} but then I just saw Kristi's comment.

{natalie} said...

for max's camera bag....i suggest the crumpler "5 million dollar home". (

it's not too big and it doesn't scream CAMERA BAG. good luck with your months in paris!

{natalie} said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robyn said...

Oh my! I am sure you'll get it all done but looking at it all at once is daunting. Break it up by days and you'll feel better (or I will, I think this list is stressing ME out!) I am so jealous that your family gets to have this Paris experience. It will all be worth the work!

Good luck! Especially on that talk, hee hee.

rebekah said...

what? huh? are you kidding me?

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