Thursday, July 09, 2009

happy birthday, Jill!

Today is Jill's 38th birthday! In her honor, here are 38 things about her:

She reads the Book of Mormon every year and plans her schedule so that she finishes on her birthday. I love that.

She gave me one of the best gifts I've ever received last Christmas. She takes Eva for a whole day on one Wednesday every month just to give me some free time. Seriously such a gift of love and service!

She went on a 3-week trip this summer -- holy cow! -- and took an unbelievable amount of photos to document it.

She got to stay with her friend Betsy -- they've been best friends since high school and still make time to maintain their friendship -- it's inspiring. It must be fun to have their children get to know each other, too!

She got a recycling can this year.

Now she doesn't have to cart her carloads of stuff to the recycling center! (She's dedicated.)

She went to a shooting range with Enrichment and enjoyed it!

She's adventurous.

She finally got the black armoire she's been pining after for years!! Hallelujah!

She was a room mom at school and spent many hours volunteering for parties, going on field trips, and just generally helping the teachers.

She's had the good fortune to be able to take pictures during Primary this year! (Can you imagine having a photo of your child giving a talk?)

She got a new fridge! (sometimes there are benefits to having a landlord)

She discovered that she loves pedicures!

She is the most thorough, serious cleaner I know. (and she likes it!!)

She discovered a new motto when we went to Women's Conference.

She decided that she prefers plain brownies to mint brownies. She's a purist.

She inherited her mom's KitchenAid for her birthday, and I'm determined to teach her how to make bread, especially since she appreciates fresh-baked bread more than almost anyone I know!

One of her family goals is to spend more time together -- I love this picture of the whole family reading in her bed.

She has a love affair with postage and wishes the U.S. Postal Service would sell gift cards. Fortunately, she got a Visa card for her birthday so she can buy tons of stamps!

She discovered that she enjoys mowing the lawn, saying that it's like the ultimate vacuum!

She was the coach and assistant coach for her kids' soccer and football teams. That's dedication!

She is still the Queen of Good Mail and has a magic touch with labels and packaging.

She still gets headaches, but not (I think) as many as she used to.

She takes the best photos!

She does a great job of teaching her children to work and to be self-sufficient.

She regularly invites extra kids over to play -- cousins, neighbors, friends, and my kids as well. It's a kid's wonderland! In fact, she had my kids over yesterday for the whole day so I could get ready to host book club, and when I told Eva, she said, "I've been waiting to go to Jill's house!" She's the perfect hostess for adults and kids alike.

She doesn't shy away from self portraits. When her children and grandchildren look back on her pictures someday, they will know she was present in her own life.
She is still having major insomnia issues. Poor girl! She needs a solution to this problem ASAP.

She discovered that her beloved pebble ice is improved by the addition of Tang. I haven't had Tang since I was a child, but I tried it and I'm a fan! Who knew?

She could have a whole portfolio just of beautiful flower pictures.

She makes a concerted effort to keep up with her correspondence, and sends more thank yous and thoughtful notes than anyone I've ever known!

She is the best friend anyone could ever have -- she has a talent for friendship.

She wants to visit me again in Paris this Fall (actually she'd like to bring the whole family). She's looking for sponsors, ha!

She thinks that reading a book poolside while her kids swim is bliss. (Who wouldn't?) She has a family membership to the city pool and takes her kids there multiple times a week! If that doesn't earn her fun mom status, I don't know what will.

She is an awesome visiting teacher -- anyone would be lucky to be on her route!

She is completely dedicated to living her religion. She walks the walk. She knows what's right and she is determined to do it. That's a guaranteed recipe for happiness!

She shares. Whether it's her time, her talents, her humor, her frustrations, her food, her possessions -- she shares.

I am sure that she inspires more people than she will ever know.

I love you, Jill!!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love Jill, too, and have been inspired to do better by her life and her talents.

Happy Birthday to Jill.

Thank you for posting a fun tribute to Jill, Michelle. It's fun to see each of you through the other's eyes.

jenn said...

Such a fantastic and accurate list Michelle! I love "She shares." It's that simple and all inclusive- she shares everything she has and is an amazing person!

Happy Birthday to the wonderful and fantastic Jill!!

Jill said...

What is this salty discharge?! Apparently I can cry sometimes! Thanks for this, it makes me feel much better about myself to see it all laid out like this. What a gift this post is!

patsy said...

What a wonderful & honest tribute!

happy birthday jill :)

Michelle said...

Who couldn't love Jill? She is warm, caring - a great example of Jesus Christ!

Natasha said...

Happy birthday to Jill!!
I agree that she must be a perfect hostess from what I have seem on the blogs. I have always loved that photo of her family reading together. And the shooting range? Either I missed that or have forgotten! WOW!!
Jill is an inspiration in many ways. I hope she makes it to Paris again.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Happy Birthday Jill! Great post Michelle. I bet Jill loves this post about her!

Susan said...

A well deserved endorsement of a fine woman!

Count me in as a fan. Can she clone herself in Bucks County? I would love to have one of her around.

Gail VanWagoner said...

What a fabulous tribute. I don't know her or you, for that matter, but I am totally inspired by the "Good Mail" idea.

Kim Sue said...

fabulous & Jill's friendship is an inspiration!

Claudissima said...

Michelle you did it again! I love love loved this post. It was soo this year! Beautiful friendship and wonderful post.

Claudissima said...

I swear that ice from sonic with tang...looks like caviar!

Liz said...

What a great birthday list for Jill! She is a such a nice person! Happy Birthday Jill!

Marie said...

What a lovely tribute, Michelle. Jill is lucky to have you as a friend.

rebekah said...

I kinda want to be Jill...

Denise said...

Jill really is one of the most inspiring people I know. How I wish she was a Visiting Teaching in my ward!

Jill said...

This post popped up in your suggested reading widget today and it was a gift again. Apparently I need to troll your blog for such things so I can remember that there are good things about me. Thanks!

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