Friday, July 03, 2009

five for Friday

1. Glitter glue is Eva's favorite thing right now. She dug up a box of about 50 different colors that we had given to the boys for Christmas years ago, and most of them were still unopened. They have all been used up now!

I don't know whether it's the bright colors, the sparkles, or the 3D texture that appeals to her most, but in any case it's all good. You never know if glitter glue will inspire a butterfly or a brontosaurus. Now if only it could last a little longer...

2. Marc's sister Lisa's family is in town again from California. She called around 6:45 on Tuesday night and invited us to join them at Sweet Tomatoes in Sandy. It was Sam's 10th birthday and he'd been riding in the car all day -- all he wanted was to eat dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. We hadn't eaten yet and Marc was out for the night, so we jumped in the car and drove to Sandy. The cousins had a great time running wild (!). We got home at 9:30 and the kids went right to bed (Lucas even had a sleepover with Eva, to her everlasting delight).

And this, my friends, is my version of being spontaneous. I'm not even kidding.

3. I finally decided to order some e.l.f. cosmetics when I got an email coupon from them for 5 free items. I'm loving everything I got! The mineral foundation and powder are great, ditto the facial whip and all-over color stick. I am loving the lip glosses, and I'm usually a lipliner/lipstick kind of girl. They just look so natural, they don't feel too sticky, and they just feel right for summer. I even got compliments on my makeup at book club the other night, what in the world? (haven't tried the nail polish yet)

4. Max spotted this ladybug on the bushes in front of our house. I love it! And I love it when these bushes are in bloom, they are so cheerful and bright.

5. It definitely started feeling like summer this week. It's been hot! Our neighbors got out their shave ice machine and I gave the kids some quarters to go buy some.

I loved the way Lucas and Eva were sitting and enjoying it, and I even caught them sharing! Moments like this make me love being their mother. (Oh, and Lucas got his hair cut this morning -- that's another one of those moments!)


Natasha said...

Spontaneous activities give me anxiety.

Great pics - I love the ladybug.

Glitter glue - Luci still loves it and she's 8. The problem is, what to do with all those creations once created?

Miranda said...

I love that the frame of reference makes that ladybug look GIGANTIC. I'll have to try some of that makeup...I just started seriously wearing makeup in January so I'm not very brave at trying anything that the M.A.C. lady doesn't recommend. :)

Jill said...

What is it about glitter glue? I'm surprised you have any left in your house after Whitney's visits over the years.

I think it's funny that a 10 year old's restaurant of choice is Sweet Tomatoes.

How nice to get 5 free make-up items.

I love that photo with the lady bug!

Shave ice and snow cones are serious highlights of summer!

Amy said...

Good five for friday. Full of summertime goodness. ELF makeup--I've never heard of it (how is that possible?), but you make me want to try it! And I can't imagine a 10 year old wanting nothing but to eat at Sweet Tomatoes for his birthday. My kids would rather die! ;)

Happy 4th!

Susan said...

Hmm, I think I recall buying some of that glitter glue! Glad Eva took to it with such pleasure!

I've been interested in that brand of makeup as well, but am trying not to buy one more lipstick, shadow or glamour makeup, other than creams. I think I need to go on a "cosmetic fast" until I get that indulgence under control!

A photo with the products would be nice.

Kim Sue said...

love all the summer goodness - and what a sweet brother/sister shot!

Anonymous said...

We love glitter glue over here. It never lasts...but it is so pleasing.

Your "version of being spontaneous" line made me laugh right out.

I have never heard of elf make-up. The picture is pleasing though.

Eva has got to be the luckiest 4 year old around with two older brothers to dote on her.

emily said...

Oooh, I love the cosmetics! I got some new nail polish and eye shadows this week, and I've had a lot of fun with them.

I love the picture of Eva and Lucas!

Claudissima said...

funny the only glitter around here is mine....I love the last picture, they look sooo cute! I've seen that makeup, but never tried it.

rebekah said...

Glitter glue revolutionized my high school class projects. I had quite a deft hand with it.

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