Friday, April 10, 2009

five for Friday

1. The hose that goes to our icemaker has a leak. It was leaking before my trip to Denver, but Marc fixed it while I was gone. It started leaking again, in a different spot, right before Marc's trip to New Orleans. I called a guy to come fix it, but he ended up getting the stomach flu!

Max and I have noticed that we have both been drinking far less water now that we can't conveniently fill up our water bottles, nor do we have any ice. We both normally drink at least 3 bottles of water a day and we are really feeling the lack. (I can't for the life of me understand people who prefer to drink room-temperature water. I need it COLD.)

I could only stand not doing the dishes for so long, so then I got the great idea of putting a bucket under the hose to catch the leaks. Then I ran the dishwasher! Ahhhh. I have never been so happy for clean dishes.

2. Lucas told me after school today that he needed to make some handmade items -- for tomorrow. Yeah, that's typical Lucas. Fortunately for him, I was in good form today. We invented a felt wallet and I taught him how to sew it.

I also taught him to make some simple sewn notebooks, and he whipped out three of those. Check! I think he felt quite proud of himself.

3. Eva talked me into playing Life with her this evening. It quickly morphed into her own version of the game. There was a massive car crash, and when I expressed my hope that no one was injured, she told me with a tone of great scorn, "They're fine! They were wearing their seat belts, of course!" Of course.

4. Recently I had to write a note for Lucas to take to school. I paused for a moment to look at my signature and think about how it's evolved over the years. It reached this final incarnation when I was a graduate program coordinator in the philosophy department at the University of Washington. I had to sign so many letters and postcards that I started to do it really fast, and this was the result. I'm not in such a hurry now that I don't have to use my signature so often, obviously, but I guess that's just the way I do it. I like it. (I didn't like the previous versions.)

5. This is the local scrapbook store. But I'm thinking of painting my front door a similar color. Besides being my favorite color, it's cheery! it pops! and my mom gave her seal of approval. Which begs the question: what am I waiting for? (other than good weather, of course...)


Hannah said...

Oh yes on the green door! I just love love love that color.

My signature is still very legible (and will be easy to forge) Linc's, not so much.

I haven't played LIFE in years and years.

Go Lucas with the handmade skills!

Sorry about your leaking fridge. I drink a TON more water now that we have the water in the door thing. I agree about the cold water too- I can't stand warm water.

rebekah said...

lukewarm water actually nauseates me, but very cold water makes me feel like i'm drinking solid ice. i've got to have something in the middle where the ice is soft and the water is chilled, not cold.

that color! i could live and die in that color.

those books are very impressive. lucky boy that he has a mother with resources and talents at his disposal.

congratulations to marc for getting his handyman on. dirty dishes are bad for the psyche. once in college our garbage disposal was broken and the pipes under our sink were disconnected for days. after a week i couldn't take it any more, so i washed all of our dishes pioneer style in a basin that i had to refill with hot, soapy water more times than i care to remember. it was so worth it though.

Amie said...

I fear for my ice and water in the fridge ever going out. I tend to not drink water when I don't have my good water from home. I don't get room temperature water either.

I'm pretty sure Lucas will have the coolest homemade things in the whole class! I can only imagine what sorts of things can be made from toilet paper holders that the rest of the kids will have.

I love the green door.

I am surprised by your signature. Isn't that funny that I think I know what it would have looked like. This one is cool too. :)

Amy said...

Oh that door! I can't wait to see yours!!!

I drank water from the tap yesterday, kind of absentmindedly. It took me by surprise, kind of. When you live in the city, especially cold water is a must. City water is disgusting warm! But that being said, the water that comes from the tap in my bathroom is so cold. I could drink it anytime. Why would it be so different, I wonder?

Amy said...

The door color is fantastic. Very cheery. And I'm amazed at all you managed to whip together for Lucas at a moment's notice. My child would have suffered, I'm sure.

Michelle said...

Our ice maker is one of my favorite things. Even grumpy Bob is constantly saying how much he likes the ice maker - my water must be bone chilling cold! Love the color for the door - maybe the weather will clear up soon!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You're so correct, that color does "pop" and with your mom's approval you can't go wrong. Do you remember Crystal Gayle's song, "What's Behind the Green Door?"

Kristy said...

Love the door and the way Eva says, "of course". That sounds just like my 4 year old. Isn't it funny how opinionated they are?

Holly said...

Sorry your ice maker is on the fritz. Not fun but good for you for finding a temporary fix for your dishwasher. I am one of those freaks that prefer room temperature water most of the time.

I think as soon as you have the right weather conditions you MUST paint your door that delightful shade of green.

Miranda said...

You worked at UW? I spent the first two years of my married life living in Bellingham going to Western. I got in to UW but decided to get married and go to WWU instead. Also, that is my favorite color too....and the craziness continues.

Melinda said...

I really enjoy your hand writing. I wish mine could as classic as yours. you can actually hand write things and it looks pretty.

Love the green door. Good luck with waiting for the good weather. I don't know if we will ever get it back.

shannon said...

I was definitely meant to live in the times of modern conveniences--
Having no dishwasher for a few days would do me in!--

Love that you guys just "invented" a wallet--

How neat that you were reflecting on your signature...mine has really changed over the years...
I wouldn't pass for a movie star--that's for sure!

You know my thoughts on painting your door that color!!!--YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH CHARTREUSE!!!

Natasha said...

Wait, you went to Denver and Marc went to N.O. while I was gone?

LOVE the color. LOVE it.

jenn said...

What ARE you waiting for? It will be fantastic! A Wonderful Wednesday project perhaps?

My signature used to be so legible- that has gone down hill in the last year and isn't nearly as cute as yours with the "m" and the "o".

Jill said...

I wish I had a grown-up signature like yours. I always thought that happened at some point in adulthood, but nothing has happened so far...maybe I'm a late bloomer.

Jen said...

for real- paint your door! that color is incredible!!!

i love your signature! i need to develop one that's fast for my clinic notes, but haven't done it yet. and why were you at uw?! i didn't know you spent time in seattle!!!

i dread when kellen will bring home school projects. i know i'll find out last minute on every one of them....

wende said...

my signature is a mess, but i like it fine. i just got so tired of taking the time to make each and every letter - who cares, chicken scratch totally works and i think it says a lot about me, like, i'm always in a hurry and it's never convenient to sign my credit card slip because my hands are always full.

love the green door. totally YOU.

Susan said...

Yes! That is the exact color! I was going to stop and take a photo of the house, but haven't done so yet. There is another cute cottage that has a bright orange door and it is equally cute! Go for it!

So sorry about the ice maker..what? Marc was out of town again? Since when did he become the regular traveler??!

Good going, Lucas, on the hand made items! He can't go wrong with you for a mentor in that department!

sweetfunkyvintage said...

That is a fun color! Can't wait to see your door!

Denise said...

LOVE the door color! I also want to paint mine--anything would be an improvement over it's current chalky dirt color.

Lucas is one lucky guy to have such a handy mom!

I guess I have never actually seen your "official" signature. It's way cool! Mine, not so much.

No water source in your kitchen? Bad news indeed.

amy m said...

It's amazing how grateful we are for the everyday things when we suddenly don't have the convince of them. I like your thinking.

Love a crafty boy. Very cool.

I like your signature. I've always wanted mine more artsy, but I can't seem to get away from the obvious.

I think the color is perfect. What are you waiting for??

Shawna B. said...

Paint that door! The color is right on! Definitely cheery and boy, does it pop! Every front door secretly longs for those qualities. At least in my mind they do. Here's hoping you get some sunny weather soon so you can do the job!

Nice work on the projects with your boy. Why must they wait until the last minute? Mine do that, too.

I like your signature! I am very drawn to the letter "O" and think you are lucky to have it mixed in with your other letters.

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