Friday, April 03, 2009

Denver -- part 1

I have no idea what this paper proclaims the best of Denver to be -- I just thought it was a funny picture. For me, the best of Denver is just hanging out with my family. We never actually go downtown!

I arrived on my mom's birthday, and she was hard at work (with my dad and Denise) transforming Denise's powder room -- this was her birthday gift to Denise. Of course, the project blossomed (as these things tend to do with my mom) and grew from a small-ish paint/window treatment kind of job to an entire makeover.

They repainted, with beautiful two-tone stripes; Denise made a silk valance; Dad tore out the old sink and vanity and replaced it with a new one; they painted over the linoleum floor (!); Dad framed and hung six botanical prints that he had previously photographed; they got a new light fixture and a new medicine cabinet; and then Mom accessorized. (Seriously, who paints in cute clothes and accessories, and in full hair and makeup??)

We are all in love with the new sink/vanity. (Home Depot!)

I couldn't get a shot of the whole room, but trust me when I tell you that it is gorgeous. Denise said she just wants to sit in there and gaze around.

The work crew.
Leave it to my parents to work their heads off the whole time they are on "vacation," or as Emily calls it, a "family reunion!"

We did get a little shopping in.

I love this picture of Grandma clasping her hands in the car. It's a Petersen thing.

She may be 82, but she still gets stopped in stores so that young women can ask her where she got her shoes!

This was the damage from just one store! Man, I love Hobby Lobby.

(post-shopping self-portrait)

We realized the night before my parents had to leave that we hadn't taken any self-portraits, so we had to rectify the situation, even though it was indoors at night, with bad lighting. I love that I don't have to talk them into it! Now that we have multiple bloggers in the family, we're all eager to document.

Speaking of blogging, a friend of Denise's stopped by one evening. I opened the door and said, "Oh, you must be April! I recognize you from your profile pic on Denise's comments!" It turns out she reads my blog, so we felt like we already kind of knew each other. Also, when we went to church, I met darling Miranda, who recently left me a comment saying that we need to be blog friends. (They happen to be Grandma's Wednesday baking friends.) I love blogging!

mom & denise

mom & me

dad & me

mom, denise and me

I was sad that I only got to overlap with my parents for two days, but happy for the time we did have together. And very happy that I still got to stay for 3 1/2 more days!


Anne said...

I'm just now seeing the resemblance between your dad and your boys. They're practically carbon copies!!

So glad you had a great time in Denver!

rebekah said...

your mother -- how does she do it? how, how, how? to not only have vision, but motivation to make something happen. she is a model of work.

your grandmother -- does she teach classes?

hobby lobby -- i have never been to one! i have made it a mandatory stop for my trip to texas. i spy something damask peeking out of one of those bags!

shannon said...

I love the picture of your mom, dad and Denise--All three are perfectly color coordinated to go with the pom pom trim at the top!
Your family is oozing with style even when your not meaning to! Gese!

Liz said...

The bathroom makeover is gorgeous! I happen to love those colors!

It sounds like you had a lovely trip!

April said...

I was so glad to meet you! I love your family and your blog.

I am glad that you enjoyed a kid-free trip to Denver. I must admit I was quite jealous when you told me how long you would be staying. My day will come, I hope.... :)

Wednesdays with Charlotte is my favorite day of the week. Thanks for sharing your grandma with me.

I didn't know you had a recipe blog, that will be added to my reader today!

Jill said...

I don't understand the remodeling and painting while in full make-up and cute clothes, but then again I don't have any of the skills they have.

I'm so glad you took self-portraits!

Denise said...

I'm sure glad you managed to capture the pole in my car used occasionally to make it start. Too bad you never got to witness my mad car repair skills while you were here!

Jen said...

ok, so your mom is too cute all done up painting!!! and how amazing is that transformation?!? wow!

holy cow- i agree with the comment above- your whole family just oozes style and class and grace. if i hang out long enough, will some of it rub off on me?! :)

Susan said...

Well, I just love those comments at midnight when I feel dead tired and ugly!

Great photos, and we did get some tutorials on self portraits from you while there.


Amie said...

That may be the cutest bathroom ever. What would it be like to have such skills? The greatest of which is being cute while working!

I love seeing all of your pictures. Great self portraits...

Natasha said...

I am still poting that I missed this whole Denver experience!

One of my brothers and his wife live in Denver. We are not close but I would love to go and experience the place!

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